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November 22, 2009

There is a nasty storm brewing outside, and last night was a restless sort of night. I have seven cats, and they all want to sleep in the bedroom with the husband and me. However, we only allow one cat in, which means the other six must make a nuisance of themselves. Due to a crappy night’s sleep, tonight will be an early sort of night.

I managed to secure an editor for Rachmaninoff. She’s set aside about six weeks of her time in June/July to look over the manuscript. Roger, my husband, is fixing some POV issues with the current manuscript while K. Piet and I write up the epilogue sort of piece that follows the main storyline. If we keep on track with everything, writing and editing, we should get Beth the completed manuscript mid-June. I’m crossing my fingers for an October/November release for advance copies and an official release in early December.

By that point, we will have invested about two years of our lives in Rachmaninoff, and I don’t regret a thing.

I think I’ll do a little project to show the budget I’d planned for this book, the investment placed in it, and the return after one year. I’d like to try and show some real numbers for people. I doubt it’ll change anyone’s mind who are against the independent author, but it might help people just stepping into the arena and wondering. I know when I initially published Morningstar back in 2007 when I knew nothing about putting out my own book, I managed three years to make back my initial investment before I retired the edition in order to do a rewrite on the book itself.

Breaking even, when I did nothing but just shove the book into the marketplace, is pretty damn good. I would have probably turned a profit if I hadn’t pulled it out of circulation.

With Rachmaninoff, I know what I’m doing now, have a better budget, and an actual marketing plan. After we finish our move next month and settle into the new place, I’ll revamp my joint site with Kris, actually put content up on my personal site, release a couple of free novelettes and novellas, and start up a podcast.

Exciting times, I tell you, and I am so happy to be doing this.

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