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Is Storm Moon Press a “Commercial Publisher”?

January 10, 2010

“So, if Storm Moon Press is publishing other people’s works, doesn’t that make them the same as the commercial publishers the founders have spoken against?”

In a word, no.

And that’s not hubris talking. Storm Moon Press was created to be primarily a self-publishing venture for its founders, and that will remain its primary focus. The decision to produce anthologies and eventually open ourselves to outside submissions was never meant to overshadow that intent, nor will it ever become the main profit-making side of the company. This is the biggest difference between Storm Moon Press and large commercial presses: Storm Moon Press is cost-neutral. This does not mean that we are a not-for-profit business, but rather that the money made goes completely back into the business rather than into anyone’s pocket.

The founders of Storm Moon Press will never draw a salary from the company itself. Royalties made from the sale of published works go 100% back into paying the sustainability costs of the business: promotional materials, website hosting, copyright registration, etc. Additionally, our self-published works will be subject to the same royalty breakdown any outside authors we may eventually publish. We-as-authors remain separate from we-as-publishers.

To be a true self publisher, we had to set ourselves up as a business. This is the only way we could deal directly with a print-on-demand service without going through a vanity press like Lulu or Author Solutions which would take their own profits away from the royalties and drive up the printing costs — and therefore the cover price. Instead, we chose to cut out all the intermediaries and establish Storm Moon Press as a separate business entity.

The decision to entertain outside submissions was made because we know that not everyone has the time or resources to invest into creating their own publishing business, and because there is a serious lack of publishers that will accept submissions involving GLBT, polyamorous, BDSM, or kink themes. And while we have neither the desire nor the intent to completely fill that niche, we do believe that we have the ability to offer a path to publishing for at least a few such authors. Storm Moon Press will never maintain a large “stable” of authors (with all the pursuant unpleasant pack animal imagery that word conjures) or expand to the point of outgrowing its original intent as a self-publishing venture.

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