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Writing Meme Day One

April 1, 2010

I snagged this from Erastes, who snagged it from someone else. I rather like this sort of meme. It helps to think about my own writing (I’ve been doing it for well over a decade now), which I don’t really do much.

April 1st – Tell us about your favorite writing project/universe that you’ve worked with and why.

This is a difficult question because I have two answers for two very, very different reasons.

Answer A) Catalyst. This is a novel that will be coming out on my birthday next year. It tells the tale of psychologist Kasper Bromley, a wealthy man who grew up with a father he could not please. Upon his father’s death, Kasper inherited all the money he could possibly need or want, but he still works. He has affluent friends, lives in a very nice area of Boston, and secretly hates his career. He lives his life day after day, simply moving through life instead of actually living it.

Until Logan Walker enters his office. Logan is not well off. In fact, Logan works very hard for every scent he has, and he lives in a shitty area of Boston working shit jobs just to make ends meet. In order to see Kasper, Logan’s father reluctantly helps financially, and it kills Logan to have to ask. But Logan has Issues. Major Issues. Mainly with blood and his desire to drink it while dominating his BDSM partners. Logan is an alien in Kasper’s world, but the two wind up in an intense, somewhat dark relationship that hits rock bottom before either think to grab a ladder and start climbing back up out of the hole they’ve dug themselves.

Why do I love this world and writing for it? The characters are amazing. Kasper is a mess of conflicting needs and desires while Logan is quite simple in his wants. Kasper is manipulative, masochistic, and dangerous in his fruitless endeavor to be the ‘perfect’ bottom for Logan, and Logan isn’t looking for the perfect bottom, just the perfect guy for him. Logan wants stability and honesty; Kasper needs pain and humiliation more than he needs love. Kasper believes love is hinged on becoming whatever the person wants him to be. He is the perfect chameleon, refusing to see that his own drive for perfection is a shortcoming that will always make him less than perfect. The two together are intense, and their storyline is twisted, deep, and achingly beautiful because they do love one another so much, but they’re pretty fucked up when they meet and two fucked up people does not a great, happy relationship make.

Their journey from fucked up is what I find compelling. It’s BDSM from a viewpoint where ‘sane’ never really entered the picture, and because it was missing, safety was never achieved. Yes, it has the whole safe words and concern and rules that BDSM should have, but it has a bottom who doesn’t care about his own safety and, through that lack of concern for himself, winds up harming his top in ways far beyond the physical.

Answer B) Egaea. Egaea has been years in the making. From the most basic idea that hit me four years ago to the fruitful population of the world itself through recent world-building, Egaea is expansive with dozens of stories for me to tell. It’s not just one tale. It’s limitless. That limitlessness appeals to me greatly. It’s filled with all sorts of sentient beings ready for all sorts of adventures and romances, wars and reconciliations. I love Egaea because of its possibility.

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