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Writing Meme Day Two

April 2, 2010

April 2nd – How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females characters?

I couldn’t count even if I tried. I have a lot of characters in my head and on paper. Every single one of them is important and serves a purpose. I can answer as how many characters am I currently working with. Well, that would be Nikola and Aric from Rachmaninoff (with five supporting characters and host of people Nikola has mentioned from his past), Kasper and Logan from Catalyst (with a handful of walk-ons from their friends), Ranae and Alex from Bound (along with Ranae’s five brothers and a couple walk-on characters for Ranae to use), Bastian and Riley from Other Side of Night, Book One (with, so far, only the repeated appearance of Riley’s cat Zoey), and Trela and Brice from Muted Colors (mostly Alex and Ranae with a cameo from Pleonexia).

But there’s also North and Cade, the slew of characters from Egaea, Moonlight and Matthew (and all their little fairy friends in Otherworld), Nathan and Ryan, Judas and Hadi, Caleb and Morpheus… I have so many people living in my head, it can get quite confusing, though never crowded. 🙂 I rather enjoy having so many voices yammering in my head, and I’m always excited to share them.

I prefer writing men. I don’t identify with women all that much, and I resent those who say I write men because I am internally, unknowingly misogynistic. No, I’m not. I don’t hate women, and women are not always the ‘bad guys’ or bitches in what I write. Women do show up from time to time, but they are rarely the focus. Kris and I have challenged ourselves to write at least one F/F storyline (which we know we can do since we used to do it when we wrote fanfiction) and one M/F straight romance (which we discovered the other day we could do and actually enjoy). Still, I – and we – prefer writing men and M/M relationships in our books.

It’s a preference, a comfort, and simply what we do. Not a kink, but a literary comfort zone we enjoy.

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