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Writing Meme Days Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, and Twenty

April 20, 2010

Time to play catch up with this writing meme. The last four days have been difficult for me to focus on, so I’ll do this all in one go now. 🙂 Yay procrastination, right?

April 17th – Favorite protagonist and why!

Kasper Bromley, without a doubt. He is deep and emotional. Though he doesn’t effect as much change around him as he might like, he himself changes so much through the course of Catalyst. He learns so much and becomes a richer man for it. Kasper is a pleasure to write, even when he is emotionally torturing himself.

April 18th – Favorite antagonist and why!

I don’t really write antagonists. *laughs* If I had to think of even one I’ve written, it would have to be Svetlana from Rachmaninoff, who isn’t nearly as bad as she is perceived to be. You only see her through Nikola’s eyes, and she emotionally scarred him when she made him into a vampire, so her role is a bit skewed due to Nikola’s perception of her and their past. But, she was fun to create and to incorporate into the storyline.

April 19th – Favorite minor that decided to shove himself into the spotlight and why!

Keegan. >.> Keegan began as a tutor and diplomat in Leigheas’ realm in Sephryn, and, through the course of the storytelling, became someone huge, wonderful, guilt-ridden, and beautiful. He is a walking tragedy that only wants forgiveness, but no matter where he ends up, he always winds up with his hand forced to do some other unspeakable thing by those with more political power than him. Keegan is a twisted, lovely character that went from a name dropped at the beginning of the Sephryn books to an integral part of the overall plot of the Egaea novels.

April 20th – What are your favorite character interactions to write?

Arguments and sex. *laughs* Basically, intensely passionate scenes, be they negatively or positively passionate.

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