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The Joys and Pains of Writing

July 8, 2010

I was feeling like a heel for having neglected Catalyst since finishing Rachmaninoff. So, I buckled down and pounced Kris about it. I think what was keeping me from working on it was where we’d left off. We’d been in the middle of it in April 2009, and Kris and I had our argument/split thing. We left off in the middle of Kasper and Logan’s first official, planned BDSM sex scene where they go into the moment planning on having sex. Picking it up now, I read how clinical and precise it all sounds, how Logan is behaving more like a lecturer on BDSM than a top who’s finally got a hold on his bottom. It reads more like a BDSM How To than a romantic interlude between two people who are passionately, and dangerously, drawn to each other.

I ranted a bit at Roger, because I didn’t like it. I just… didn’t like it. But, we’re talking about 4,500 words here, almost seven full pages, and I hate cutting things from my writing. In the end, Roger was sure the only way to fix it was to cut the offending scene. I read back, chose where I felt the strength of the scene remained, and ruthlessly hacked the rest. Out went 7 pages of material that Kris and I will rewrite.

What I’ve explained to Kris is that Logan needs to be more self-assured, more confidant in his wants and needs. Logan knows what he wants. Logan knows what Kasper wants. There needs to be less ‘these are the rules, now let’s have the expected semi-rough sex’ and more ‘this is your safe word, now strip and get on the bed’. The point of Kasper’s character is that he needs direction, he craves to be dominated and controlled. Without it, he’s lost. The point to the whole story was the loss of control, the loss of boundaries, the erosion of limits. We need to show that right out of the gate, which we have with the loss of patient/doctor boundaries. Now we need to show it when they step into the realm of lovers. If we can return to the heart of the characters, I think the story can be salvaged. 🙂

Rachmaninoff edits will be delivered on time. 😀 I’m excited about that. We’ll hopefully finish up the The Keeper edits tonight so Roger can begin working on formatting the thing for release in the various e-book formats. Cast the Cards is a little behind on our end, but it’ll be to Julie on time for the formatting for print and everything.

There is also the fact of money. Wow, does it ever get spent. *laughs* We chose not to do the book blocking ourselves. I contracted out to a typesetter. The quote for Rachmaninoff came back at $300. I know it’s very fair and competitive. It’s $100 base (which includes a LOT of stuff) plus $25 per 10,000 words, which the typesetter worked out so she wouldn’t be overcharging me for smaller projects. I’m happy with it, but there is the sticker shock. Rachmaninoff, thus far, has cost us $1,060 (cover art, editing, and typesetting). Will we ever make that money back? Probably not, but I don’t mind. I want to put out a quality product, and it costs money (IMO) to do that. There’s probably another $100 or so left to spend on Rachmaninoff, but I’m figuring our final costs for the book will be $1200. Our hope is, over the life of the book (since we are the publishers, it’ll always be available for purchase), that it will at least break even. I’ll let you know if it ever turns a profit. 🙂

Oi. Yes. Now. Time to work a little on Catalyst.

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