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Thoughts and Questions About BBWs

July 25, 2010

Kris and I have, once or twice, bandied about the idea of writing overweight female protagonists in a handful of erotic romances, especially since we’re eager to open ourselves up to M/F and F/F writing. I’m not talking a 12/14 ‘overweight’ protagonist, but women with large breasts, hips, butts, thighs, and tummies. I’m hesitant, though. Most of the women Kris and I write (other than Sorrow and Moon) are fuller figured. Lorelei in the poly story is curvy, if petite, and her men love her as she is.

There was a comment on a blog I’d read about the BBW novels and how they were poor obese women’s pathetic fantasies about beautiful men loving and desiring them. Now, I’m a big woman. I hate that I am, but I’ll never be small. I have two beautiful men who think I’m hot, who want me. One who loves me and one who I think is well on his way to loving me. It’s not some fantasy of mine. It’s my reality. I’m big and desired by men who are strong and attractive.

But would that be something people will believe? Would it be something people would want to read? Not these bullshit BBW that so many presses put out, where the women are, perhaps, ten pounds overweight and long to be thinner (or they spend the entire novel bashing thin women), but truly overweight women? I know I’ve longed to see a female protagonist who is large, healthy, and sure of herself and her allure to men who find her beautiful because the outside is just as beautiful as the inside, but would others?

Thoughts? Would you buy a book with such a protagonist? And would you believe that an attractive man could want her, fall in love with her, and have fantastic sex (and life) with her?

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