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August 27, 2010

Yesterday, Kris and I worked from about 1pm until 10:30pm with very little pausing. Our results? Four new scenes in Catalyst and over 5,500 words added to the manuscript. This leaves us with 9 major scenes in our outline plus 2 fill-in scenes I need to go back and add. With any luck, today I’ll write those 2 fill-in scenes, and Kris and I will knock out at least 1 of the 9 major scenes (though I dearly hope for 2).

If we keep up this pace, we should be finished with the manuscript by Sept. 6th or so. That will allow us a couple weeks to edit/send off for proofreading before it goes to Editor #2.

I’ll be so happy to have Catalyst done. It’s been a hell of a trip with it. The manuscript is over a year old now, and I just want it to be finished. I want Kasper and Logan’s story officially told.

After that, our next project will be the novella for the Wild Passions anthology while also working on the first Other Side of Night novella. Both should, more or less, be easy to write. We already have the full outline for the Other Side of Night novella, and when Kris comes for her bi-annual visit in October, we’ll work out the outline for the anthology novella, At the Forsythe Hotel, Cowboy Up, and a handful of our 2012 releases (which is where we begin to release some of our serial novels).

We’ve got a lot on our plate, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We jump genres happily and produce all sorts of romances. I think Year Three will be where we begin to seriously hit our stride, and I hope, by then, we’ll have a couple other authors working with us in the press. 🙂 It will all be a learning experience, that’s for sure.

Our first order of business Monday is to locate us an accountant. Today, I need to have a phone meeting with the typesetter. I also must have something to eat. Oi. My stomach is growling. XD

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