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Hey Everybody It’s Music Time

September 6, 2010

To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music the words make. ~ Truman Capote

I want to talk about music this morning. Music and writing.

Oftentimes, I need silence to write. I tend to have the television on, but muted, and no music playing. When I have sound going on, I wind up distracted, singing rather than writing (I do love to sing). However, sometimes a scene needs to be helped along. If a certain mood is needed, I’ll pull up iTunes and locate a song that fits what I’m trying to write. And then I torture the husband-thing by having him endure that song over and over until the scene is complete.

Before my external drive was damaged (thanks, Mum), I had playlists. Playlists for roleplaying, playlists for characters. I was even working on playlists for various books. However, last Thanksgiving, my Mum accidentally tripped over the cord and knocked it to the hardwood floor. Eventually, we will pay to have it recovered, but right now, the money just isn’t there at the moment. So, I have no playlists at present. I’d like to. It would be lovely to put together soundtracks for various couples I write. Sometimes, a song will strike me as so-and-so’s song, such as Kelly Clarkson’s A Beautiful Disaster, which is Ruin’s song (a character for a book that’s in the works).

I have varied tastes in music. Pop, country, rock, classic, heavy metal, 80s… About the only things I don’t listen to are rap, jazz, and R&B. They’re just not my things. When people ask if I have favorite bands or singers, I have to really rack my brain for an answer. It’s not necessarily bands or singers that I like, but the songs themselves. I admit, I do have some autobuys for music: Evanescence, Linkin Park, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Heather Dale, Ben Jelen, Breaking Benjamin, and Staind are among them, but I would never say they’re my favorites. But they, more consistently than others, have several songs per album I’ll love.

However, music does inspire me. I have a playlist of music that inspires stories or pricks at my imagination. Right now, songs like Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Believe and Epiphany, Blue October’s Hate Me, and Blackmore’s Night’s Fires At Midnight are on such a list for when my co-author arrives next month for our bi-annual planning session (we always have two weeks at the beginning of each year and end of each year for our outlining… though that will stop next summer when she moves in! Yay!). I don’t know what will come of those songs, because it’s more of an emotion they evoke in me than actual tales, but we’ll see.

I love music as much as I love writing, and I feel they go hand-in-hand quite nicely. The ones that bring about a flurry of images that slowly coalesce into an original storyline for me to lose myself in are the best. Those are the ones I want to hang onto, to share. Right now, the one that speaks loudest is TSO’s Believe. There’s a tale in there, percolating in my head, just waiting for the right catalyst to put it all into perfect focus so the story can be told.

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