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State of Things

October 7, 2010

I think everyone should read this post.

I shouldn’t be awake. Gods, I shouldn’t be. It’s 6am. I’ve been ‘awake’ since 1am, though I didn’t admit it and get up until 2am. Around 5am, I sliced my foot open on some wayward stealth!glass on the kitchen floor (badly enough that there was a trail of blood from the kitchen into the bathroom in the master bedroom and blood pooling in the bathtub as I tried to clean the wound). R woke up to help me bandage myself up. I had some breakfast about twenty minutes ago.

I need to finish two questions for the Two Lips Reviews blog tour post. I need to writing a post on co-authoring for another blog tour stop. I need to write up my “Craft of Writing” post for tomorrow. I need to reply to the author we’re in negotiations with over her manuscript. -.-;

This weekend, we need to start the formatting of Cast the Cards‘ e-book. I need to approve the proof for it on Monday/Tuesday and place our order for the books so I can ship out the copies to our authors and our cover artist.

Next weekend, we need to clean up the house and set up the office and guest bathroom for K’s visit. We also need to call up the apartment complex in Tampa and make an appointment to come in and see the apartment on the 29th and put down our deposit. I need to find my wallet between now and then so I can have my license in order to view the apartment.

K is here for 16 days, but 2 of those days are no-goes due to her flying in so late and flying out so early (9:48pm on her flight in and leaving at 9:00am). The day after she leaves (the 4th of November) is a decompression day where we take our one-day break from each other and she recovers from a long flight. Normal writing will resume on November 5th (for NaNoWriMo, no less!). There is our Tampa trip on the 29th that makes the day a business-bust. So, we will have 13 days to work.

We will need to plot the following books out while she’s here:
312 Days
The Keeper’s Heart
Cowboy Up
Our novella contribution to the Wild Passions anthology
Our poly novel (which still needs a name)
A M/F novel (which is pretty vague, I know)
Pathos Book One
Otherworld Book One
Sephryn Book One
The first tarot series book (which both still need names) — this one was going to be F/F
The Venetian Mask series
Help Roger with his SF vampire novel
Work on Arthurian novella anthology
Poke at the bipolar/BPD novel idea some (which I’m thinking will be M/F, but that’s still up in the air)
Winter prompt anthology

I feel like I’m missing several projects. -.-; Oi, I need some tea, but I do not want to go into the kitchen again. I worry about more wayward stealth!glass.

Of course, November will also be a exercise in insanity as not only are we doing 312 Days for NaNoWriMo, but we’re also going to be packing and moving at the end of the month. I know while Kris is here we’re also going to do the initial sweep of packing (games, DVDs, books, non-essential cookware, unworn clothing, etc.) and eBay auctions for BPAL.

Okay, way too much to do, and I’ve spent almost an hour futzing around between this journal entry and some other things. Time to buckle down.

Music playing: Trans-Siberian Orchestra – There Was A Life

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