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Yes, There Has Been Radio Silence

October 26, 2010

I have slacked off on my Monday and Friday postings. This is mainly because I have my co-author, K. Piet, in my house! 😀 She’s here until the 3rd, so we’ve been very distracted with each other.

Unfortunately, we’ve gotten almost nothing done. This is all right, really. We will, before she leaves, write up the outline for 312 Days and, hopefully, work through some Egaea stuff. I’d love to see more done, of course, but she’ll be back in March when we can do some serious damage to our 2011 releases.

I just know we do our best on a deadline, so we’ll probably cram everything into this upcoming weekend. *laughs* It’s what we did last time she was here, and it was rather effective.

Also, Sunday is release day for Cast the Cards, and Monday we begin our blog tour! We’ll be kicking it off at Mia Watts’ blog with a giveaway for Cast the Cards AND The Keeper. Follow up on the tour for several chances to win at six different giveaways. 😀

So, yes. Next Friday, the schedule returns with “Craft of Writing” on Fridays and a random blog entry on Mondays!

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