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Blog Tour: Day Four

November 4, 2010

Today, K. Piet and I are visiting Romance Lives Forever where we’re interviewed by Kayelle about Cast the Cards, our writing, and ourselves a bit. There’s also a giveaway on that blog for people who comment to win a PDF copy of Cast the Cards!

So, my husband and I are moving from Bradenton to Tampa at the end of the month. It’s a much needed move. My health is suffering here as I don’t see my doctors due to the long drive, and my family is in Tampa (which is always nice to have close). Because of the unexpected shortness of prep time, NaNoWriMo has to be cut out of my November schedule. I just can’t do it, move, get a new book out (as Rachmaninoff comes out on the 1st of December, so November is spent prepping for it), deal with my mundane life, and market for Cast the Cards. Something had to be dropped, so it was NaNoWriMo. I’m not heartbroken. I’m moving! 😀

The new apartment is great. About 400sqft larger than the 2/2 apartment we live in now (we’re moving into a 3/2 apartment). I like that it has a separate dining room, not one of those living room/dining room combos (as in, there is a WALL separating the living area from the dining area). The apartment feels more like a house, which is our next step. We’re making the move into a larger apartment mainly because K. Piet will be moving in with us in June. We’re really excited about that. Having her in the same home as me will increase our productivity, as it usually does when she visits.

Although, this visit was pretty not productive. XD We managed to plot out The Keeper’s Heart, set everything up for the new apartment, get our van fixed, and create two new characters for the Egaea books, but otherwise… not much. I think we both needed the two week break from writing/publishing/marketing (though we were still working on blog tour stuff), so I’m not sorry we took the time to just enjoy each other’s company. We played around with our new characters, watched a lot of Castle and Bones, and just generally had a good time.

Friday, it’s back to the grindstone. ^_^ We’ll finish our RP log we started before she left, and then poke at The Keeper’s Heart in between my packing. Packing and moving takes top priority, though, so it may just be a month of RPing to keep the creative juices flowing. We shall see.

November’s going to be a busy month! 😀

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