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Blog Tour Day Six

November 6, 2010

Day six is here, and I’m over at the amazing Chris Kelly’s blog discussing collaborative writing. Collaborative writing, for me, is both a wealth of enjoyment and some of the hardest writing I’ve ever done. Go on and read about it!

This weekend is completely hectic for me. I have to take about 2.5 hours out of this morning to drive up to Riverview to drop off some baby shower stuff for a dear friend’s shower I can’t make it to. 😦 When we get back, it’s nose to the grindstone with the creation of some ebooks for Smashwords and the formatting of Rachmaninoff for ebook. I also need to work out my 2010 Advent Challenge prompts.

Ah, Advent Challenge. This was something I created for myself to do back in… 2004, I believe. I only do it every other year as I tend to be swamped around December with so much stuff to do. I’m doing it this year, as I’ll be settled in my new apartment by then. For 25 days (from December 1st until December 25th), I will post a new piece of fiction (between 100 and 1200 words) that is free to read and enjoy by anyone. They will be collected from this blog and posted on my site as a free read at the end of the month. So, stick around for that! 😀

And, periodically throughout the day, there will be cleaning going on. Laundry and dishes, as tomorrow we begin our packing. @_@ I can’t believe it. XD

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