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Blog Tour Day Nine + Procrastination

November 10, 2010

Today is day nine of the blog tour, and K. Piet and I are being interviewed over on Naughty In the Backseat Boyblog. Come on over and have a look!

However, I did want to post something of relevance to this blog that wasn’t just announcing where I am currently on the blog tour. Today’s topic? Procrastination. I’m doing it with the best of them at the moment.

I have so much to do, quite honestly. I need to begin packing, I have manuscripts to write, and I have business stuff to do. I need to do laundry… dishes… scoop the cat boxes… tackle The Keeper’s Heart… plot several series… So much to do, and I keep putting it off. I just feel this general blah-ness over everything right now, I’m not sure how to shake it. I think it’s just been the high energy of the last 11 months (because, wow, they have been busy months), but there’s so much to be done.

And, at the end of the month, not only do I need to move, but I have to go through all our anthology submissions, make our choices, and plan out my contribution to both. OMG. It’s just one thing piled on another, and I know the first step to getting out from under the pile of to do stuffs is… well… to do something. But once you start putting things off, it’s so easy to make excuses. ‘I’m tired’, ‘My head hurts’, ‘It can wait until tomorrow’… but then tomorrow turns into the next day and, before I know it, it’s moving day and NOTHING is done.

So, my goal today will be to pack all our books, DVDs, and video games, do a load of laundry, finish all the dishes, and scoop cat boxes. I’ll even rope the husband-thing into helping. He’s in a foul mood anyway thanks to Mei-chan (one of our oldest cats) chewing through his laptop adapter cable. I had to order a new one. He could use manual labor as a way to purge his negative feelings. *grins*

The key to beating procrastination? Simple, really.

Do something.

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