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Blog Tour Day Sixteen + End of the Year Blues

November 18, 2010

K. Piet and I were interviewed on Michele ‘n’ Jeff Reviews today. It’s a great interview, in depth with a lot of wonderful questions. I really liked this interview, so hopefully you’ll all go over and have a look at it.

There is always this odd lull for me from October until December. I’m not big into Halloween or Thanksgiving, so until we reach December and the weather FINALLY begins to cool down here, I find myself restless. It’s not that I don’t have anything to do. Actually, I have a lot I need to do. I have my giftfic for the M/M Goodreads group, my Advent Challenge, moving, publishing, and writing The Keeper’s Heart. I have plenty to do, I just can’t gather the wherewithal to do it.

I figure today and tomorrow I will focus on a couple of Advent pieces and start my giftfic now that I know, more or less, what I will do for it. This weekend is going to be the push to pack as much as we can as this week we’ve packed NOTHING. Next week will be more packing plus a trip into Tampa for Thanksgiving. I’d like to see Annie and Matthew sometime next week, as they have a four-day holiday, but I don’t know if we’ll be able to work it out. We have so much packing to do that Roger and I may spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday post-Thanksgiving just running around with our heads cut off trying to pack all the last minute stuff.

And then… well, then’s the move. In all that rush, I still need to be writing. I have the challenge and the giftfic, and even with the moving, I have to write. I love writing, and I miss devoting whole days to it. I think I’ll enjoy today. 🙂 Writing and nothing but.

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