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Free Fiction: Advent, Day Three

December 3, 2010

Title: Our First Tree
Characters: Nikola, Aric
Spoilers: Rachmaninoff
Word count: 561
Rating: PG


Aric smiled as he surveyed the room. It had taken him the better part of a week to locate the centerpiece of Nikola’s sitting room, but he’d found it. Unfortunately, he’d had to special order everything that was on that centerpiece.

“It still seems odd to me,” Nikola purred from behind him.

“It’s a Christmas tree, Count,” Aric said, throwing Nikola a grin. “Never had Christmas before?”

Nikola stepped into the sitting room, and Aric’s heart began to race as the cool, unreadable eyes swept over his handiwork. “Not like this,” Nikola murmured. “I think the last Christmas I celebrated was with Elizabeth while visiting her family in the English countryside.”

Aric’s cheeks suffused with color. He never knew if he was supposed to be jealous when Nikola mentioned Elizabeth or if he was to be sympathetic. Nikola had loved her, even if the vampire loved him now. He wet his lips and glanced at the stockings dangling from the mantle. It all seemed incredibly crass and childish now, and his cheeks darkened more, the heat felt all the way up into his ears. “I bet they had something a lot more classy and refined than this,” he muttered.

“A proper English Christmas with all the quiet splendor it was due, yes,” Nikola said as he slid his arms around Aric. “But there was little heart or joy in what we attended day after day, and the church services made drab the already muted pinks and silvers that decorated the homes.”

Aric looked up into Nikola’s face, his eyes darting to his tutor’s lips again and again. “You think there’s heart and joy in this Christmas?”

“I do,” Nikola whispered, dipping down to kiss him softly. “Bright red and green, shimmering gold, winking silver, the scent of pine and cinnamon, and even stockings with our names on them.” He smiled. “I think there is all the joy in the world in this room, and it is here because of your desire to share this piece of your life with me.”

The flush that tinted Aric’s cheeks this time wasn’t of embarrassment, and his heart fluttered in his throat. “I wanted our first Christmas to be special.”

“It is,” Nikola said, smiling faintly. “It was even before you did all this.”

Aric tilted his head back a little more, practically begging Nikola for a kiss. “It was?”

“It was. You are here, in my arms. It is truly a special Christmas.”

Aric was about to protest such a sappy compliment, even if it did make his heart ache with pleasure, but Nikola then delivered the kiss he’d been craving. He threaded his fingers into the long, blond hair, his heart racing as passion unfurled inside him with each sweep of Nikola’s tongue in his mouth, not-so-secretly pleased that all his hard work hadn’t been for nothing.

It was only when Nikola bore him to the floor and he tilted his head back to bare his throat to his lover that he realized his work with Christmas wasn’t quite done. He still needed convince Nikola there was a Santa Claus so those presents ‘From: Santa’ wouldn’t need explaining. But, as Nikola’s fangs scraped over the scar on his throat and the strong, cool hands slipped beneath his shirt, all thoughts but the ache between his legs fled his mind.

Santa Claus could wait.

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