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Free Fiction: Advent, Day Five

December 5, 2010

Title: A Snowy Romp
Characters: Tavish, Alec
Spoilers: World of Egaea (WIP)
Word count: 1,130
Rating: NC-17


Tavish laughed as he leapt through the deep drifts of snow, his lynx companion chasing after him. Despite all the darkness that had befallen his friends, Tavish couldn’t find it in himself to be sad today. The sun was bright, the snow soft, the wind bracing, and all he wanted to was romp and play. There had been too many tears and not enough laughter. Too much pain, and now it was time to leave the grieving behind for a few precious moments of playfulness.

He rolled in the snow as Kasa chased him, chattering away as she did. The lynx might sound and feel like a mother in his mind, but when the snows fell and they played, she was much more like a younger sister. It never stopped amusing him how she could switch between her roles as friend, mother, and spirit-bound animal with an effortless fluidity that ensured he was never startled by the changes. Tavish reveled in her youthful frolicking now, pouncing her when she drew too close.

Tavish and Kasa rolled about, kicking and nipping at each other, which was why he wasn’t prepared when his mate pounced them both. Tavish yelped while Kasa hissed, and Alec just grinned at them both, quite pleased with himself. Tavish took up a handful of snow and tossed it at Alec.

“You could have warned us!”

Alec set to grooming the snow off his fur. “If I had warned you,” he said, “you would have known I was coming. It’s hardly pouncing if my prey knows I’m coming.”

Kasa yapped at them both and bounded off into the forest to find herself a meal. Tavish tried his best to glare at Alec. “Now you’ve chased Kasa off.”

Alec looked up at him, and his oval pupils contracted for a moment as the sun came out from behind a cloud. The yellow-green irises were like clear, flawless peridot. Tavish’s breath caught as he just stared at Alec, again struck by his mate’s feral beauty. Alec stopped his grooming, and Tavish almost lamented the loss of seeing Alec’s tongue appear over and over again, rasping over dense fur. He didn’t even realized he moaned until Alec’s ears twitched.

Tavish was hard, and there was no denying it, no hiding it from Alec, and his cheeks burned with embarrassment for his state. He tried to swallow, but his throat was dry. As Alec crawled toward him over the snow, the soft crunch of ice under hands and knees like cannon fire to his ears, Tavish whimpered. He closed his eyes, panting as Alec’s scent became stronger. It was through sheer force of will he didn’t jump and come in his trousers the moment Alec’s breath ghosted over his cheek.

“You smell of want,” Alec purred, his tongue sliding hotly over his cold ear.

Tavish shivered. “It’s your eyes,” he said. “It’s always your eyes, the way you look at me. It m-makes me h-hard.”

Alec hummed softly, slowly pressing Tavish down into the snow. “Just like your smile sends my blood racing.”

Tavish nodded, tilting his face up for a kiss, hungry to taste Alec. “And then you l-look at me, and I-I-I just want to r-rut with you.” He hated his stuttering in these moments, but try as he might, he simply could not rid himself of the habit. The need he felt shamed him in small ways, even with all of Alec’s work to help him overcome his upbringing, and he longed for the day he could speak intimacies without tripping over a single word. “Alec, pl-please,” he breathed.

“Please what?” Alec asked as his lips made their way to Tavish’s.

Tavish squirmed in the wet, cold snow. “Alec!”

“Say it, Tavish,” Alec breathed. “Say it, and I will do it, I promise. Just tell me.”

It took a few moments of Alec’s breath teasing his cold skin before Tavish could stutter out the words. “Y-your m-m-mouth on m-my body.”

“Anywhere in particular?”

Alec was evil! He was just evil, playing this game with him when his cock ached to be touched. Tavish shook his head for a moment, and then whispered, “My cock.”

Alec purred loudly, deep in his chest, the purr that told Tavish he’d done what he’d wanted. It made the hair on Tavish’s body stand on end and his cock ache with need. He opened his eyes slowly, meeting Alec’s own aroused, pleased gaze, and then Alec was kissing him, possessing his mouth as steady fingers pulled the lacings of his trousers open.

There was nothing like this. It was life and living and bright and beautiful to Tavish. He shuddered when his head fell back against the snow, his hair becoming wet as Alec shimmied down his body. He stared up at the bright, clear sky, his breath appearing above him in puffs of briefly-lived clouds while the air chilled his lungs. It was *living*. He hadn’t lived much lately, but now he lived.

He lost sight of the sky when he closed his eyes as Alec’s mouth surrounded his hard cock, saving the delicate flesh from the cold air around them. Tavish moaned, combed icy fingers through silken black hair recently cut short. Idly, Tavish thought he missed Alec’s longer hair, but then that rough tongue teased along the slit of his cock and he no longer cared about the length of his mate’s hair.

Tavish arched and cried out, writhed in the snow, caressed by the cool warmth of the sun above. He was loved by his mate, Alec taking his time, drawing out the pleasure as long as he dared. It was their rejoicing in life, in each other, and Tavish wouldn’t rush a moment of it. By the time he was gasping, softly begging Alec for release, they were both ready. Pleasure erupted in a sharp, shrill cry from Tavish, his body thrashing in the half-melted snow. His hands clutched Alec’s hair as Alec suckled and licked him, drank him down like a man half-dead from thirst.

He didn’t even realize icy tears had frozen to his cheeks until Alec was licking them, warming his snow-kissed features. Tavish hugged Alec close, the heat of his pleasure chasing away the core of ice that had formed during bloody wars that had stolen some of the brightest stars from their lives. “I love you,” he whispered against Alec’s ear. “I’ll always love you.”

Alec nuzzled him, picked him up and carried him back to their den in the midst of the feral-Maith camp. “I love you, too,” Alec said between soft, gentle kisses. “Forever.”

Tavish nodded, sleepy and sated. Forever, whether that forever was but a year’s time or a millennium, was what he wanted from Alec. Endless summers. Endless winters. Together.

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