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Free Fiction: Advent, Day Four

December 5, 2010

Title: The First Snow
Characters: Darron, Maelog
Spoilers: World of Egaea (WIP)
Word count: 928
Rating: PG-13


Darron rolled over in bed, feeling the chill in the air. He burrowed under the thick quilts, unwilling to sacrifice the warmth of the bed or his lover to relight the fire. When had it gone out? Why had it gone out? Maelog was usually very good at preparing a fire to burn through the night.

A beam of sunlight slid across his closed eyes, and he groan. This was not fair. Not fair. He’d been up late with a pile of papers from his current music students, grading their simple compositions for classes today, and he’d been counting on sleeping in! Damn the sun. Damn the day. And damn him for not closing the curtains before he finally crawled into bed beside Maelog!

Darron sighed and slowly sat up, shivering as he rubbed his eyes. He looked around the brightly lit room, seeking the offending window. When he saw it, all his dismay vanished.


It had snowed in the night!

The white powder was piled up against the uncovered window of their room, the sun making the top layer sparkle. He was up and off the bed in a heartbeat, hissing as his feet touched the icy stone floor. Darron hurried to the wardrobe and pulled on his clothes, shoved his feet into boots, and rushed to the window. He threw it open, an icy gust entering the room and stealing the last of the nighttime heat. Darron closed his eyes and inhaled, the sharp scent of pine and the cold tang of ice filling his lungs. No matter how many times he spent his winters in Beithe, he never tired of the first snowfall.

He left the window and went to Maelog’s bedside. “Maelog,” he whispered, giving his lover a bit of a shake. “Maelog, wake up.”

Maelog groaned, batting at him. “Go ‘way.”

Darron laughed. “No! It snowed! It snowed while we slept. Wake up, you lazy ass.”

Slowly, Maelog opened his eyes, the orange depths flickering with annoyance. “It snowed. Wonderful.”

“Yes, it snowed.” Darron pulled at Maelog’s arm. “Get dressed. Come outside with me.”

“Are you crazy? It snowed!” Maelog pulled his arm back and yanked the covers back over his head. “You remember I’m all fiery and hot, right? It isn’t my thing… snow.”

Darron’s smile fell. “But, Maelog,” he murmured. “It’s… well, it’s the first snowfall. It’s early. There won’t be any tracks in it yet.” He wanted to make the first tracks, be the first to run through that pure cloak of winter. “It’s the first snowfall,” Darron repeated.

Maelog peeked his head out from under the blankets, eyeing him. “You really want to romp about in the snow?”

Darron nodded. “Yes,” he said, refusing to feel shame for the childish desire. “I always make the first tracks of winter. Maelog, it’s beautiful to see it all undisturbed and to make those first steps, breaking through the untouched snow.”

“All right,” Maelog said, moaning as he pulled himself from the bed. “It’s important to you, and I *hate* it when you look like that.” Maelog pointed in the general direction of Darron’s face. “I don’t like being the one who steal that excitement from your smile. You’re excited over so little.”

Darron grinned. “I’m excited over you quite often.”

Maelog shook his head as he dressed. “Yes, but it’s not a smile that excitement puts on your face.”

“No,” Darron admitted, sliding close to Maelog. He wrapped his arms around Maelog’s broad shoulders. “It’s a much different expression. I know a little treetop platform about a quarter mile from the stronghold, and not only could you see the smile on my face from making my tracks in the snow, but…” He leaned forward and nipped Maelog’s lower lip, loving the shudder it caused in the body he hugged.

“But?” Maelog asked, his voice deep and husky.

Darron rubbed himself sensually against Maelog, the groans they made as those first tendrils of passionate ear unfurled inside them. “But you could also hear the excitement your touch incites in me,” he whispered, brushing their lips together.

Maelog closed what little distance there was between their lips, which wasn’t much, and thrust his tongue into the waiting heat of Darron’s mouth. It was sweet and hungry, and the kiss made Darron hard in his trousers. He almost didn’t care anymore about the snow and his footsteps or the platform filled with furs and supplies in the forest. Maelog’s heat, his touch, it made his forget everything but the Fire Elf, and Darron skirted the edge of simply begging to be fucked here and now.

But, Maelog pulled back, panting softly, and it thrilled Darron’s very soul to feel the hardness of Maelog’s sex pressed against him. “First tracks, and then pleasure,” Maelog said.

Darron nodded, closing his eyes for a moment as Maelog parted from him to finish dressing.

As much as he was looking forward to traipsing through the newly fallen snow, he was more excited about the pleasure softly promised him. He opened his eyes and grinned at Maelog, at the Elf who offered him everything and asked for so little in return. How had been so lucky? What had he done to be given the gift of Maelog’s love?

He didn’t know, but as Maelog pulled him out into the halls and they made their way to one of the doors that would lead out into the main yard, Darron realized he no longer cared. He had Maelog, and he wasn’t going to let go.

Not now.

Not ever.

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