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Free Fiction: Advent, Day Seven

December 7, 2010

Title: In The Aftermath
Characters: Lorelei, Patrick, Quinn, Dorian
Spoilers: Untitled (WIP)
Word count: 660
Rating: G


Lorelei hummed softly to herself as she rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Dinner had been a complete success. Not that her Christmas dinners weren’t every year, but this year was their first Christmas with Patrick. She chuckled, adding the soap to the dishwasher. Patrick had spent Christmas Eve and Day with them, and they’d all done the rounds with families.

Christmas Eve dinner with Patrick’s family, Christmas morning breakfast with Dorian’s mom, and Christmas lunch with her family. It had hurt her heart, just as it did every year during the holidays, for Quinn to be without his family, but they could not be held responsible for Quinn’s father’s abandonment. Jake should have been happy for his son, no matter what form Quinn’s committed relationship took.

She sighed, turned on the dishwasher, and then surveyed the kitchen. Everything perishable was put away, and all that sat out on her clean counters were the pies, breads, and sweets. She turned and looked outside at the snow covering their tiny backyard and hugged herself, smiling. It had been a wonderful Christmas, even with the small shadow of Quinn’s family’s rejection. Quinn had found his place with her family, with Dorian’s, even with Patrick’s. Their quad was as complete as it could be for the moment, and that knowledge warmed her through and through.

Strong, warm arms wrapped around her from behind, and Lorelei closed her eyes, relaxing back into Patrick’s embrace. “Did you have a good Christmas?” she asked, her voice soft.

“One of the best in a long time,” Patrick murmured against her ear. “Did you?”

Lorelei rested her arms over Patrick’s, smiling at their reflection in the window. “The best.”

Patrick dipped his head and pressed a series of kisses up her throat. “I would say we could all go to the bedroom, but I am still too full from your amazing dinner to move too much.” He chuckled. “And Quinn and Dorian fell asleep on the couch while watching It’s A Wonderful Life.”

She turned in his embrace and kissed him tenderly. “You think you could manage a small nap before we do our own present opening?”

“I think a nap would help immensely,” Patrick grinned. “But Dorian and Quinn have the couch.”

“I’ll grab the blankets off the guest bed. You can commandeer all the pillows in the house.” Lorelei kissed him again, a little deeper this time. “We can sleep on the floor beside the couch.”

Patrick gave her a final, quick squeeze. “Sound perfect,” he said before heading off to do just that.

Lorelei made her way through the living room, pausing to smile down at Dorian and Quinn, who were utterly entwined on the couch, asleep and looking utterly content. It didn’t take them long, she thought. Stuffed themselves silly, and then collapsed. She liked how happy they looked. Patrick had brought them all a sense of completeness, and Lorelei was thankful for that small wonder.

In a matter of minutes, the living room floor was covered with three blankets, two comforters, and the quilt Dorian’s mother had made for Quinn, Lorelei, and Dorian’s fifth anniversary. Lorelei cuddled against the solid warmth of Patrick’s body, purring softly as he stroked her hair. Her eyelids were heavy, and while the television proclaimed an angel got its wings every time a bell rang, her vision was filled with the blurry sight of their colorfully decorated Christmas tree. Underneath were dozens of gifts, and the star atop glittered, the scent of pine thick in the air. She snuggled a little closer to Patrick and finally let her eyes close completely. Behind them, Dorian snored, and Quinn shifted a little.

Her family. It was all they really needed, all she wanted. Her boys, who loved her, who loved each other. It was the best gift she could have been given, and she hoped it would be hers to enjoy for many, many years to come.

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  1. December 7, 2010 6:51 pm


    It’s a Poly Christmas! I just love those characters, and showing it all from Lorelei’s perspective was lovely. I had planned on doing the something quite similar for the four of them, so I’ll switch it up a bit. *chuckles*

    I really love how you portray the completeness of their quad. It’s heartwarming to read!


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