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Free Fiction: Advent, Day Eight

December 8, 2010

Title: In the Snow
Characters: Brice, Trela
Spoilers: Of the Shadow World: Madness (WIP)
Word count: 626
Rating: G


It had snowed while they slept, and it was Trela who discovered it. He bounded back to the bed and hopped beside Brice.

“The world is white! It’s covered in white and pearl and ecru and cream and—”

Brice blinked several times as he sat up, rubbing at his eyes. He put his hand gently over Trela’s mouth and smiled. “It snowed.”

Trela nodded. “Muit fnowed,” he said through Brice’s hand.

“And you want to go run around in it?”


Brice laughed and removed his hand. “Yes?”

Trela smiled brightly, his unearthly green eyes bright. “Yes!”

“Then we need to get dressed, because I am not stepping out of this loft without boots and warm clothes.”

It always took them more time to dress when Trela was excited, but Brice was patient. He tried to always be patient, even when Trela’s mind wandered. The snow helped, though, keeping Trela focused on the outdoors and him. Brice offered soft, loving touches as he helped Trela into all the primary colored winter gear they’d bought, pleased at how happy the myriad colors made him. Sometimes, it was so simple to make Trela happy.

Sometimes, Brice wanted his own happiness to be that easy.

Outside, the wind was mild, but the snow was deep. Brice laughed as Trela bounded into one of the drifts, rolling around in the white powder and making his own versions of snow angels. Trela had once told them they weren’t angels, they were flying people, and Brice had simply chuckled and shook his head. He understood Trela more now than he had when the muse had first come to him, but it didn’t mean he understood everything about him.

Just the most important things.

Trela hopped up out of the snow and rushed over to him, his breath icing the air. He had a huge smile on his beautiful, pale face, and Brice couldn’t help but mirror the smile. “Did you lose your winged people, baby?” he asked.

Trela shook his head. “No. They flutter flutter and fly about. I lost you.”

“I’m right here,” Brice said, wrapping his arms around the slighter man and hugging him tight. “I’m always right here.”

“But the black thoughts and the inside tears and wishing came. Made the white melt and ooze away. I like the white better than the black, even if they are swirling pretty,” Trela explained.

Brice smiled and bent down, brushing his lips over Trela’s. “I’m going to take you ice skating today.”

“Glide over the ice?” Trela crowed.

“Yep.” Brice rubbed their cold noses together, much to Trela’s delight. “Gliding and spinning and laughing.”

Trela cupped Brice’s face and brought their lips together. The kiss was warm and deep, Trela exploring his mouth, showing him with actions that he was loved. It was these small moments, scattered throughout the day, that told Brice he had something so unique, so special, that all the momentary doubts were worth it. These kisses, the ones that touched his very soul and made his heart race, were the truth of what they shared, and Brice wouldn’t change Trela for anything.

When their lips parted, both of the panting softly, Brice murmured, “Let’s go skate, and then we can make the pretty colors in bed to warm up.”

A wicked gleam entered Trela’s eyes. “Brice sings prettily when we make the colors.”

Brice had the decency to blush as he led Trela toward the apartment building so they could pick up their skates. His body was already eager for the sex, but that eagerness was tempered by the simple happiness of taking Trela skating. “Yeah, well, this time, I’ll make you do most of the singing,” he muttered, ushering Trela into the heat of the building.

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  1. December 9, 2010 2:25 pm

    Aww… I love our cute Muse of Insanity. I especially love that you put in something about them ‘making the pretty colors’ in bed. XD I also like your verb choice when it comes to Trela. Bounding and crowing and hopping perfectly suit him, and it was cute to see him speaking through Brice’s hand as if the hand weren’t there. ^_^

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