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Free Fiction: Advent, Day Nine

December 10, 2010

Title: Holiday Spirit
Characters: Cade, North
Spoilers: Cowboy Up (WIP)
Word count: 514
Rating: PG


Cade wanted to kick his daughter’s ass. He looked up at the sprig of mistletoe Emma Rae had tied above the kitchen door. He wasn’t stupid.

But, then again, neither was Emma Rae.

It didn’t matter. It would probably be Emma Rae herself that he wound up kissing under the mistletoe, and the thought actually had him smiling. Cade turned back to the sink to finish up the evening dishes. Outside, the ranch was covered in a blanket of thick snow. Winter had been hard this year, and they’d lost two of their horses, a bull, and three cows, and it was only December. Times were lean, even for the animals, and Cade was determined not to lose anymore stock before the spring thaw.

He set aside the dishes to dry, wiped his hands, and turned away from the window. The kitchen was clean, dishes put up, and supper leftovers stowed safely in the refrigerator. Everything was how he liked it, neat and tidy. Now, a quick shower and bed. It would be an early day tomorrow. The barn would need to be heated, the snow shoveled, the fences checked—

Cade was just about to walk out of the kitchen, under that damned mistletoe, when North appeared in his pajama bottoms and slippers. They both collided in the doorway, eyes rising up to that spring of greenery, and Cade sighed.

“I guess this means you think I have to kiss you,” Cade drawled.

North shrugged. “Not like you haven’t done it before, but I know having an excuse sometimes helps.”

Cade snorted. “You didn’t tie up Sundancer, and I had to go behind you and turn on the heaters in the barn.”

“Sundancer was being a bitch today, not letting me close to her, and when I left the barn this afternoon, the heaters were on. Maybe Mitch turned them off before supper,” North replied, the words rolling easily off his tongue.

Cade was rather proud. The city boy had come quite a ways in three short months. He laughed softly. “Maybe he did.” He glanced up at the mistletoe again. “So, do you want to kiss?”

North grinned. “When don’t I?”

Cade cupped his face and brought their lips together. It was slow, lazy. Cade took his time parting North’s lips and dipping inside the warm mouth. North tasted like cocoa and peppermint. It seemed his lover had been enjoying himself with a candy cane and cup of hot chocolate, and it Cade thrust his tongue deeper, tasting every inch of the sweet, minty mouth. North moaned, and the sound went straight to Cade’s cock.

Dammit, it didn’t look like an early night after all.

Cade broke the kiss, panting against North’s lips. “Were you looking for something down here?”

North smiled. “Yeah. You.”

“Then let’s go to bed,” Cade murmured, peppering soft kisses to North’s lips.

“You’ve been filled by the holiday spirit?” North asked with a chuckle.

Cade laughed again, and it felt damned good to laugh. He swatted North’s ass and followed him up the stairs. “You could say that.”

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  1. December 10, 2010 4:54 pm

    *laughs* I love that pair! I recently re-watched Brokeback Mountain, so the cowboys come alive a lot more after that. I like that Cade and North have good senses of humor, and it’s fun to read North defending himself. ^_^

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