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Free Fiction: Advent, Day Ten

December 10, 2010

Title: Make The Best Of The Worst
Characters: Bleidd, Terrill
Spoilers: The Sephryn Trilogy (WIP)
Word count: 452
Rating: PG-13


“I told you it was going to snow.”

Bleidd snorted as he shook his head, crouched low by the fire he’d lit to chase away the dampness and chill of the cave they’d taken shelter in. However, if Terrill kept saying ‘I told you so’, Bleidd was going to kick him out into the blizzard that raged outside the mouth of the cave. “And I told you, shit happens.”

Terrill turned and put his hands on his hips, taking that authoritative pose that always irked Bleidd. “We don’t have any supplies. You have no idea how long this blizzard will last! We could starve to death.”

“Stop complaining. We have plenty of supplies. I never leave the compound without adequate supplies for a least four days. The two packs we have will be enough to wait out the storm.” Bleidd rose to his full height and crossed over to Terrill. “Look at this as a holiday. Time away from court and papers and council and kingdom. It’s just us.”

“You’re just trying to get me to stop telling you I told you so,” Terrill said, continuing to glare.

Bleidd grinned wolfishly at him. “Yes. I’m rather tired of hearing it. Yes, I misjudged the type of snow. Yes, we’re stuck in a cave for a few days. But! We have food, heat, and our sleeping rolls and blankets. I brought oil…”

Terrill shook his head, a grin forming on his lips. “Of course you did. All you think with is your cock.”

“You rather like the thinking I do with my cock.” Bleidd slid his arms around Terrill and pulled their bodies flush. “We can spend the next three days fucking ourselves senseless, hmm? It’ll keep us warm and occupied.” He dipped down to trail his lips along Terrill’s throat. “I’ll even start our impromptu holiday by blowing you.” Bleidd nipped at Terrill’s pulse. “Doesn’t that sound better than bitching about something that can’t be changed?”

“Admit you were wrong,” Terrill moaned, tilting his head back to expose more of his throat.

The sound and scent of Terrill’s arousal only enhanced Bleidd’s. He licked up the line of Terrill’s throat and nipped his chin. He knew Terrill was just teasing him, making him work a little for the right to suck him off, as if Terrill wasn’t rubbing himself wantonly against Bleidd! Still, it was part of the little game, and Bleidd was willing to play along. “I was wrong,” he growled. “Does that make you happy?”

Terrill smiled, the expression wide and triumphant. “Yes, it does. Now, about that blowjob…”

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