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“The Keeper” Audio Book!

December 10, 2010

I am a day behind in my Advent Challenge, I know, but I will be getting both of those out today (December 9th and December 10th). But, I have some news I want to share.

The Keeper was officially released as an audio book today! I’m so excited about this. I didn’t think I would be, as I’m pretty ambivalent about audio books (I don’t listen to them personally), but knowing that customers said ‘I want this!’ and we went out and did it just makes me all squee inside. It’s taken some time to do, but the end product is wonderful, I think.

We worked with Perfect Voices, who matched us with the amazing voice talent of Kevin Powe. He read a small excerpt from the novella and we just fell in love with his narration style. It just sounded so wonderful, and he gave each character such depth! He never made Judas seem to preachy, even when Judas was preaching. He made him human, which I was just thrilled to bits. Jeffrey Kafer and David Niall Wilson have been just as great to work with, patient all the way through to the end, and I can’t recommend a better company.

I will say that, sometime next year, we’d like to do this all again with Rachmaninoff. Rachmaninoff was always our second choice for this process, as the other books don’t lend themselves well to an audio book, and I know there are a couple of titles planned for next year we’d love to also add to the audio book catalog. Now that I know customers want these things, I’m 100% behind it, and I don’t think I’d like to work with another company.

You can buy the audio book here at CrossRoad Press or at SpringBrook Digital for $9.99. If you buy it through iTunes or Audible or other third party retailer, the price will be $12.99. It’s always better for the customer AND the artists/authors if you go through the publisher’s site. 🙂

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