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Free Fiction: Advent, Day Nineteen

December 20, 2010

Title: Give and Take
Characters: Quinn, Lorelei, Dorian
Spoilers: Untitled (WIP)
Word count: 740
Rating: G


“I do the whole Mass at midnight on Christmas Eve, even though I’d much rather be sleeping, so the two of you can bundle up and come to the damn drum circle tonight for the Solstice,” Dorian snapped, arms crossed as he glared at Lorelei and Quinn.

Lorelei shook her head. “It’s not that we don’t want to. Dorian, it’s twenty-five degrees outside—”

“—and a good amount of wind kicking up,” Quinn added. “The wind chill is awful. The three of us will get sick as hell, and at this time of year, none of us can miss work.”

Dorian looked between the two of them. Last year, Lorelei had been sick with the flu. The year before that, Quinn had to pull an all-nighter. The year before that, he’d been cast in The Nutcracker and hadn’t been able to get away. But every year, the three of them made it to that damn church service he’d sleep through if he could. It wasn’t fair, and even if they weren’t doing it on purpose, he had the very certain feeling they weren’t trying.

He lifted his chin. “If you two don’t come with me—the first Winter Solstice celebration I’ve been able to make in years—then I won’t come with you to mass on Friday. Either we all celebrate together, or this is the year we start doing things separately.”

It was like the prelude to separate vacations or that eventual drifting apart. Dorian didn’t want that. He’d fought long and hard for this relationship. Four years he’d poured his heart and soul into their little triad, just as Quinn and Lorelei had, but if they couldn’t respect his own spiritual beliefs as he did theirs, well, then, they had some serious problems.

“Dorian,” Quinn said in that voice that made Dorian feel like he was two.

“No.” Dorian held onto his resolve. “I go to mass with you on Easter, Christmas, Lent, Good Friday, Bad Friday, and whatever else churchy thing you two do. I’m not Christian, but I go because I love the two of you and it makes you happy.” His heart began to ache. “Why can’t the two of you do the same? In four years, you haven’t been to a single one of the pagan celebrations I’ve gone to. I always have to go alone and make excuses, tell my friends that no, of course my lovers are progressive enough to understand my pagan beliefs and rejoice in my happiness with me. We’re poly, after all, so what’s a little half-naked dancing in the middle of summer compared to fucking a bi-boy who dances in the chorus line?”

Lorelei’s peachy-cream cheeks turned a deep red. “Dorian, please, you know we respect your beliefs.”

“No, Rory,” Dorian muttered. “No, I don’t, because the two of you never show me that you do.”

Uncomfortable silence fell between the trio, Dorian staring down at the carpet, waiting for them to say something. He kept willing them to say they’d go, that it didn’t matter that it was cold, that the roads were icy, or that Quinn had an early morning. He wanted them to think of *him* tonight, but the longer the silence stretched, the more his heart sank.

Quinn finally cleared his throat. “What time is the celebration?”

Dorian shifted from foot to foot. “Eight.”

“Then we don’t have much time to get ready. I suppose we’ll all have to climb into the shower together,” Quinn said, his tone thoughtful.

Dorian’s head snapped up. “You’ll come?”

Lorelei smiled, her cheeks still tinted with embarrassment. “We will. I don’t think either of us every realized we hadn’t ever gone with you. It isn’t fair.”

“You’ve been incredibly patient,” Quinn murmured as he wrapped his arms around Dorian. “For every church event you accompany us, barring true scheduling issues, we will attend one of your pagan gatherings.”

Dorian couldn’t help the grin that broke out on his face. “You’re sure?”

Lorelei nuzzled his cheek just as Quinn pressed a sweet, loving kiss to Dorian’s lips. “We’re sure,” she whispered against his ear.

Dorian’s heart raced with excitement. It wasn’t just the intoxicating kisses from them, or from having won his case, but because they loved him, and he loved them. He was going to finally be able to celebrate Yule with the two people who mattered the most to him.

It was the best gift they could have given him.

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  1. December 21, 2010 10:20 am

    Wow. I just love this one. I’d had this prompt on my own list, having Dorian want them to reciprocate on the holidays, but you’ve written it so brilliantly that I think I’ll just not bother with a second version. *laughs*

    I love that Dorian puts his foot down, because the message here isn’t him just getting what he wants; it’s more about tolerance and giving a bit selflessly to make someone you love happy, even if their beliefs are different from your own. ^_^

    A very lovely piece!

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