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Free Fiction: Advent, Day Twenty

December 20, 2010

Title: December’s Boy
Characters: December, Wednesday
Spoilers: None, these were created solely for this challenge!
Word count: 586
Rating: PG-13


Wednesday stared at December, a frown on his youthful face. The older man was decked out in green and red, silver tinsel dripping from his well-trimmed beard, and Wednesday thought if December ate one more cookie, the guy was going to pop! He shook his head.

“What?” December asked, plopping down beside Wednesday.

“I don’t get it,” Wednesday said with a shrug. “I just don’t get it.”

December gave him an odd look. “Of course you do. You’re just jealous because it’s Saturday’s turn this year… and it was Tuesday’s turn for Yule… but you got to be a part of Chanukah.”

Wednesday huffed, glaring at his dirty shoes. “It’s not the same.”

“Of course it isn’t, but that’s not the point.” December forced Wednesday’s chin up so their eyes met. Wednesday thought December’s eyes were so beautiful, like snowy skies flickering with an inner warmth. “The point is, we’re with the people we love all this month, no matter what day it happens to be.”

A smile trembled on Wednesday’s lips. He looked forward to when December came to visit, relished the time they were given. He was special. December didn’t spend nearly as much time with Wednesday’s brothers and sisters, and so Wednesday reveled in the attention. “I missed you,” he murmured.

“I know.” December pulled their bodies closer together. “It’s hard sometimes. Maybe you can visit me soon.”

It’s what they said every year, promising it more and more as the month dwindled away and January came calling. And then it was eleven long, lonely months for Wednesday before he saw his sweet December again. “Maybe,” he murmured. Wednesday slowly crawled into December’s lap, straddling the strong thighs as he wrapped his arms around December’s neck. “This time, do you mean it? Or are you just placating me?”

December leaned in and kissed his lips softly… so softly… like a snowflake landing on an eyelash. “Not placating. You can come see me. I’ve worked it out. When it isn’t your turn to move through the world, you can come see me.”

Wednesday moaned, the sound almost like a sob, and he pressed closer, seeking out those lips again. As December’s tongue tangled with his, his heart pounded. He wanted to believe it! Oh, how he wanted to. Years and years and years he’d loved December, been December’s favorite, and now… now he could be December’s only! “Yes,” he whispered between kisses.

It didn’t take long for Wednesday to toss December’s deep red shirt aside, or for December to peel Wednesday’s thick, gray sweater from his torso. Hands that knew every inch of exposed flesh relearned the soft places, the places that made a purr trill into a hot kiss. It was perfect, the heat between them the ideal remedy to the icy world outside the rambling house the months and days called home.

He would go to that place December went when it wasn’t time to be December, and he’d only have to come back when it was time to be Wednesday. Wednesday thought it was the most wonderful solution to a heartbreak he thought they’d have to suffer until the days went dark and there was no one left to count the months.

“I want to go to bed,” Wednesday panted into yet another kiss, his lips tingling against December’s. “Take me to bed.”

December grinned as he stood, carrying Wednesday’s weight easily. “My thought exactly,” he moaned, and then there was no more talking, no more words.

They didn’t need words.

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  1. December 21, 2010 10:25 am

    This is enchanting! I was instantly intrigued by the characters and the originality of making the months and days of the week into individual characters!

    It makes me wonder if the numerical days have their own dwelling somewhere, 1-31. 29 would probably be all sore about only getting to go out in February once every four years… and 31 would tell him/her to deal with it, since 31 just gets seven months instead of twelve. XD

    Just a very fun concept that made me think of all the possibilities with the other days, months, and so on. ^_^

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