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Free Fiction: Advent, Day Twenty-One

December 21, 2010

Title: Gifts Of The Heart
Characters: Bastian, Riley
Spoilers: Other Side of Night: Book One (WIP)
Word count: 1,221
Rating: NC-17


Riley gave Bastian an indulgent smile. “I thought we agreed not to celebrate Christmas this year,” he murmured as he accepted the small, carefully wrapped box from his lover’s hands.

“I know.” Bastian shifted on his feet. “I stopped getting my morning coffee.”

The sacrifice warmed Riley’s heart, and his smile quickly became a little shy. Their first Christmas, and money had been tight, but Bastian had given up the one thing he still loved: coffee. All to buy him this little gift. It didn’t matter if it was just a stainless steel fork, it would be cherished by him. Savoring the moment, Riley eased the tape up off the shiny red foil. Part of the joy of receiving a gift, he’d always thought, was the anticipation of what your loved one had thought you might enjoy.

Below the red foil was a silver box. He slit the tape holding the lid in place and opened it. Riley’s breath caught for a moment as he stared down at the bracelet inside. He might have quipped some joke about being given jewelry on Christmas, like someone’s new girlfriend, but he didn’t. The care that had gone into the silver piece was obvious. It was chainmail, and expertly woven with the links of silver, were glittering red stones, tiny and blood-red.

Riley looked up. “You made this.”

Bastian grinned, and it was bashfully adorable. “Yeah,” he admitted. “Your birthstone. I had the silver, but not the garnet.”

“It’s beautiful,” Riley whispered, pulling the thick bracelet from the box. It was large enough to masculine, but the details, the fine linking, it made it so it wouldn’t be intrusive to the eye. The bracelet was simply perfect. “Garnet.” He glanced up with a smirk. “Rather fortuitous, don’t you think?”

A pale stain of color crept over Bastian’s cheeks. “It complements your coloring.”

Riley snorted. “Orange hair. Brown freckles. Pale skin.”

“And amazing blue-green eyes,” Bastian insisted.

“So you keep telling me.” Riley offered the bracelet to Bastian. “Put it on me?”

The bracelet was cool when Bastian wrapped it around his wrist, but it quickly warmed. It was a good weight. Not enough to impede him working with an unruly cat at the office, but it was enough to always remind him who waited for him to come home. The garnets sparkled, like little drops of blood, among the silver webbing, and Riley looked up at Bastian. He could see the same thought mirrored in Bastian’s pale blue eyes.

“I didn’t get you a gift,” Riley breathed. “But I think I have one anyway.”

Bastian licked his lips, giving Riley the faintest glimpse of the sharpened incisors. “You don’t have to do that just because I gave you a bracelet.”

Riley inched forward and kissed Bastian, his tongue teasing along those deadly teeth. “It’s not because you gave me a bracelet. The gift is wonderful. I’ll cherish it. You gave because you wanted to.” He licked lightly at Bastian’s lips. “Now let me give because I want to.”

They moved from the living room and their modest little artificial tree to the small bedroom they shared. The furnace kicked on, and a blast of hot air greeted them as they undressed one another. It was sensual, loving, and Riley never stopped kissing Bastian. It was his small way of showing yes, he knew Bastian wasn’t like other men, but that only made Bastian more special in Riley’s eyes. Bastian had never hit him like Jake, never made him feel like he was less of a person, and Bastian could have. Bastian was strong, quick, and deadly when he needed to be, but with Riley… With Riley, Bastian was the gentlest of lovers, careful and tender.

Bastian’s weight against him was pleasure enough, but the hardness of his body, the way they rocked together as they kissed, it was everything Riley needed. He finally broke the kiss and tilted his head, exposing the line of his throat. It had become a weekly ritual between them, something that added to their lovemaking, but never took away from the simple joys of being together. They didn’t need these feedings. Bastian received enough to survive on the blood they picked up from the butcher.

But Riley wanted Bastian to thrive, not merely survive, and his small gift each week allowed that. It brought them closer and forged a bond Riley had never felt before. They both might be young, might be struggling to make ends meet, might still be in school, but those things didn’t matter in these moments. The blizzard howled outside, the furnace warmed the indoor air, and Riley’s blood would soon warm Bastian.

Riley gripped at Bastian’s ass, held them close as the cool lips found the familiar scar on his throat. The bite was painful. It was always painful, and there wasn’t much that could be done for it, and then came that floating feeling. The pain faded into the distance, and the pleasure of their cocks rubbing against sweaty, sticky skin filled all his senses. Riley swore he could smell their sweat, their musk, the faint trace of cat as Zoe moved about the apartment, the lingering warmth from their Lebanese supper, and the cinnamon of the potpourri in the living room. Everything was brighter, more real, as Bastian fed from him.

He also had no desire to fight off his lover. Instead, he held him closer. There was the desire to just give all of himself to Bastian, to let Bastian drink him dry. Those thoughts were what made the feedings frightening. To feel as if your own life was a gift, one you would readily give until there was no life left, was terrifying, but Riley faced it with courage every week. Bastian would never take that much of him. Bastian would never take until there was nothing left of Riley but cold flesh, icy like the wind outside their windows.

Riley moaned, rocking up with a little more force as Bastian sucked at the small wound his teeth had made. Bastian groaned, and Riley felt that sound right down to the soles of his feet. The thrusting and gripping, moaning and sucking became more pronounced, faster and harder. Riley’s mind swam as climax tickled his sensitive senses, and then the pleasure crashed into him. He bucked beneath Bastian, crying out as his orgasm ripped through his body. It was pleasure and safety and everything he’d ever wanted from lovemaking but had never been given. Within moments, he felt Bastian’s cock jerk against his hip, felt the warm wetness spread as Bastian milked every ounce of pleasure from their coupling.

The room was blazing hot as they lay entwined, panting, Bastian’s lips smeared lightly with Riley’s blood. In the twinkling light filtering in from the living room, the garnets placed in the bracelet looked even more like droplets of blood. Riley smiled, turning his head to nuzzle Bastian’s cheek. “Merry Christmas.”

Bastian opened dazed, sated eyes and smiled. “Merry Christmas to you, too,” he murmured.

Riley purred as they began to kiss again, the glittering lights of the tree casting long shadows in the bedroom. But there was nothing to fear in the dark, and Riley let himself sink into the heat and pleasure of celebrating his first Christmas with Bastian.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. December 21, 2010 5:04 pm

    That was beautiful!

    The idea of Bastian making one of those beautiful, hand-woven chainmail bracelets for Riley is just so sweet! I love that he managed it by giving up his coffee as well. *laughs* Awesome touch there.

    Riley’s reaction is so sweet, and it’s nice to read him trusting Bastian to not be the jerk that Jake was. ^_^

  2. December 21, 2010 5:14 pm

    I’m sure it would take Riley a while before he could, 100%, trust Bastian, but I think there’s a connection between them from the moment they go out for coffee at the beginning of the story. It’s just… there… and Riley’s not stupid. He isn’t going to fight a connection when he desperately wants to be in love. 🙂

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