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Free Fiction: Advent, Day Twenty-Two

December 23, 2010

Title: As The Snow Falls
Characters: Brice, Trela
Spoilers: Of the Shadow World: Madness (WIP)
Word count: 882
Rating: PG


Brice rolled over in bed, instinctively reaching for Trela, but his hand only touched cool sheets. If the sheets were cool, it meant Trela had risen some time ago. Brice shot up in bed, going from lazily half-sleep to wide awake in seconds. His eyes scanned the small bedroom they shared, but he didn’t see his red-haired lover. Had Trela wandered off? Slipped through a mirror and left him for weeks again? Would he have to find Alex or Ranae to locate Trela?

It didn’t matter how many years passed, this terror—waking and finding Trela not beside him—was just as intense. Brice hissed as his feet hit the worn linoleum of his floor, the cold making the bones of his feet ache. He yanked on a pair of jeans and stumbled out into the main room, praying to God that Trela was engrossed with the television or playing with the paints or some other activity. Anything, so long as Trela was still there.

The main room, with its old sofa, tiny television, function kitchen, and all his art supplied, was like ice. Brice shivered and looked around the sparse room. A sigh of relief left him in a cloud of iced air when his eyes landed on Trela’s half-naked form at the open window. Snow flittered inside, landing on the scuffed, old flooring. Some of the snow had returned to water, but Trela had to have had the window open quite some time as there was a growing pile of unmelted snow at Trela’s bare feet.

Brice rushed over, yelping when his feet stepped on the cold water. “Trela, baby, what are you doing?” he asked. His fingers brushed along Trela’s shoulder, and he inwardly cringed at how unbelievably cold the skin was.

Trela smiled brightly, turning his unusual green eyes from the falling snow. “The white stuff came back! I thought it had gone away, rushed rushed away, but it came back. It remembered. It remembers what I don’t, and it came back! It came back, Brice!”

“I see that, but aren’t you cold?” Brice reached out and closed the window, latching it tightly. “It’s freezing in here.”

The smile on Trela’s face fell a little. “Brice doesn’t like the pretty white stuff.”

“I love the snow.” Brice kissed Trela’s icy lips. “You know I do. It’s what you don’t remember but the snow does.” He grinned. “But I like the snow outside when I’m inside.”

“Outside?” Trela asked, looking out the window at the snow.

Brice nodded, rubbing his hands along Trela’s cold arms. “Yeah. I like watching the snow fall while I’m warm and toasty inside with you. Or, we can go to the ice rink and skate while it snows, if you want to go out in it.”

Trela seemed to seriously consider the options, and then he looked at Brice with such clarity in the usually scattered gaze. “Inside. We can watch the snow fall from inside where it’s warm.”

Brice smiled, pulling Trela up. “First, we’ll take a hot bath, then we can curl up on the sofa and watch the snow fall, hmm?”

“I can play with the bubble people?” Trela asked, the clarity slipping from his eyes a little.

It used to pain Brice to see the madness enter the green gaze, but now… now he knew it was just Trela, the guy he loved no matter what. Brice led Trela through the cold apartment, kicking the heat up a little so the air would warm up while they were safe in the hot bathroom. “Yeah, baby, you can play with the bubble people,” he said, closing the door behind them.

He pulled out the Mr. Bubble bubble bath liquid, and the excited laughter behind him made Brice smile. After the bath, he decided, before they sat to watch the snow, he’d make them hot cocoa with the rainbow marshmallows. Yep, that would warm them both right up and make the time even more special. He turned around to see Trela watching him with that sharp gaze again.

“I love you,” Trela said, so very seriously.

Brice smiled, his heart skipping in his chest a little. “I love you, too.”

“Sometimes, you think I forget, but I don’t. Not that, pretty Brice, never that.”

Brice kissed Trela softly, whispering, “I should have more faith in you.”

“Yes,” Trela said. “You should.”

Brice nodded. “I’ll try. A new year’s resolution, hmm? And you, you can try to not invite the snow inside from now on.”

Trela giggled. “I’ll try, but it likes the heat.”

“So do we,” Brice quipped, turning on the taps, plugging the tub, and adding a generous amount of Mr. Bubble.

Trela let loose another eager whoop as the tub filled, and Brice helped him out of his boxers. He then removed his jeans. In moments, they were in the heat of the bath, surrounded by mounds of bubbles. Trela’s laughter made Brice laugh, and he decided it was high time he stopped worrying.

It was time for him to trust Trela, to believe in his lover as his lover believed in him. He might wake up without Trela one morning, but Trela would always come back.

As Trela talked excitedly to the bubbles, Brice smiled.

Yeah, Trela would always come back.

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  1. December 23, 2010 2:00 pm

    Aww… That’s the sweetest thing!

    Trela so often wants to say that he loves Brice, and I think it was perfect the way he stated clearly that Brice thinks he forgets, but he never forgets that. Brice is part of him.

    I love Trela’s response to the resolution to keep the snow out! Perfect!

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