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February 3, 2011

I’ve been MIA. It was for a good reason, though.

Friday night, K. got her edits back to me for Catalyst. I didn’t work on it at all because I was cooking and cleaning and sleeping. This is also when we did K’s taxes, I believe.

Saturday, A and M (our other significant others) came over for much fun. There was Kinect dancing and yummy food and a lot of laughter. I made about two dozen eclairs. By the end of the evening, there was only one left. XD

Sunday, I was sick. Sick, sick, sick. Like… spending 95% of my day in the bathroom. I undercooked the pork we had Saturday. Roger (my husband) got sick Sunday night, and A had stomach issues Sunday, too. M wound up sick with a cold, so we don’t know if he got sick since they happened the same day. But, needless to say, I was in bed when I wasn’t in the bathroom, and I passed out very early.

Monday, I was still queasy, but feeling better. There was a late start Monday, and I barely got anything done. I just felt crappy. We also went to see my nutritionist, and we went to Aaron’s. The Kinect was difficult to use in the living room as it was, so we chose a new couch and a new television (first one in over five years!). 😀 Very nice. It’s an L-sofa that’s modular (5 chair pieces that fit together to form the sofa plus a huge ottoman) so the pieces can be moved around easily and as needed. We also splurged a little and bought a new television (the first in over five years).

Tuesday, I began editing in earnest. I got halfway through the manuscript. Catalyst required some heavy rewriting, and so it devoured my Tuesday in order to fix a lot of the issues. We were also having the furniture delivered that day, so A and M came over to help toss out the old furniture. They had just finished moving it all out when the delivery people came. ^_^ M was sick as a dog, but he was a trooper. M and Roger mounted the television, I fed everyone, and then they went home. I was up until 1:30am editing before I called it quits at the halfway point.

Wednesday, I was determined to finish the editing. And I did. In the evening, I completed all the editing and formatting for Catalyst. I sent it off to the editor and proofreader for their final read-through of the manuscript before we put it up for sale/send it off to the typesetter. I also created all the graphics for the e-books, created the initial PDF (which required going back and reformatting all the text), and approved the final cover for Wild Passions. I didn’t get to bed until after 2am, but everything I wanted done was done.

Today, as usual, I woke up long before I wanted to. I’ve handled all my email, checked blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and I’ve done some graphics stuff for the press’ website. I’ll be updating book covers and descriptions today. Below is the cover for the Wild Passions anthology, which comes out in June.

Catalyst will release in E on Valentine’s Day. The print novel will be up for purchase in March. 😀 You know I’ll make a post here on release day. I’m so excited!

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