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“Catalyst” & Upcoming Projects

February 14, 2011

Catalyst came out on Friday. 🙂 You can buy it from Storm Moon Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Rainbow Ebooks, and All Romance Ebooks. I know it’ll slowly show up in other vendors, too, over the next couple of weeks. Very proud of this novel, and while it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, I hope people enjoy it. The print book will be available next month, so right now, it’s just the ebook for $4.99. Go! Buy! 😀

Upcoming projects… Far too many of them, but that’s all right.

I’m still working on the final 1/4 of Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley. I’d be writing that today, but I spent the entire weekend making, wrapping, and ribboning 192 brownies for the other significant others’ work charity event. I finished everything with them last night around 2am. @_@ Exhausted today. I’ll probably head to bed again in a couple hours so I can return to the manuscript bright and early tomorrow. I’d like to have the manuscript done by Sunday so the first round of edits can be done next week, and then the manuscript can go out to the proofreader and editor by the end of the month. 🙂

As soon as that is done, K. and I will begin working on our contribution to Wild Passions, which is a story about Nahele, a feral-Maith from the Egaea books (which we’ve still not properly plotted yet!). When that is done, we’ll work on our Daughters of Artemis story.

K. will be here from March 8th until the 22nd. There will be a lot of plotting, some social fun, as well as the preliminary planning for the Egaea RPG basebook. I’m so excited to start working on the gaming system for that world. The RPG will debut either a year after or the same year as our first Egaea book comes out. I’m not sure yet.

And, when all of that is over, we’ll start working in earnest on Polyfidelity (which comes out in September, I believe). I know it seems like we just churn out the work right before we release it, but I promise, we don’t! Polyfidelity has been in the works for over a year now, as has Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley. 🙂

So, yeah. That’s our new release and what’s coming up in the next few months. There might be a little break in late June/early July when K. moves in, but otherwise… we’re chugging along!

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