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There Is Never Enough Time

February 21, 2011

My brain never shuts up. Seriously. I wake up thinking about writing, think about writing all day, and go to bed thinking about writing. It’s crazy. A lot of the time, I’d love for my brain to take a small hiatus, but then I worry it would never come back. Television, commercials, songs, random snippets of conversation, they all spark new ideas in my brain that I tend to file away for future projects.

Right now, my release schedule works out to be about four releases a year, plus a short story or two. I tend to want to write more than that, though. It tends to take K. and me about one to two months to write a manuscript from beginning to end (I think it would be more the one month timeline if we didn’t let ourselves become distracted). It takes one month for our editor and proofreader to get the manuscript back to us. Then, it takes a week or so to do the actual editing. So, at the most, it takes about four months from conception of idea to final draft.

I know we could write more if we started skipping editing phases or other steps, but I don’t want to. It’s important to always deliver a professional product when you are asking people to pay for something. I don’t want to be like most other authors who publish their own material that seem to think editing is an unnecessary and too expensive a step. Editing is not where you cut costs. In fact, if you want to cut costs with your self-publishing, then go get yourself a book deal with a publisher.

But, with the editing phase combined with the writing phase, it seriously limits how much we can release in a year. Keep in mind, while one manuscript is off for editing, we tend to begin the new one, so it’s not like we take breaks. In fact, K. and I have been writing pretty consistently for the last two years. It doesn’t stop (except on holidays, Sundays, and when the other significant others come ’round). I want unique ideas out of us. Quality work. It’s a compromise I have to make with myself. Yes, I’d like to be prolific, releasing a dozen titles a year, but I know with quantity, quality suffers.

More time just needs to be eeked out of the year. 🙂 After K. moves in, we both feel the words will be easier to manage. I think she’s looking to drop a work day from her day job, too, but I’m still a bit hazy on her plans once she gets down here. Point is, we’re trying to find more time while still balancing financial and emotional commitments. There never seems to be enough time, and time is money to us, so we need to find more time in order to make more money. @_@ *laughs*

Quality will never suffer with us. If we can only write four major titles a year, then that’s what happens. I want to offer readers awesome stories that engage them. That’s the important thing.

Where did all this come from? Well, Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley has stalled with only 1/4 of the manuscript left to write because I had this idea for a M/F erotic romance novella trilogy starring Cain and Lilith (of Biblical fame). Since then, K. and I have been messing around with them, and our current project had suffered. We have two weeks to finish it before it has to be off to the editor in order to release on time in May. But I find myself dragging my feet, not caring about that, because Cain and Lilith are shiny and fun while Bastian and Riley feel like work. >.> I suck. *chuckles*

When K. comes online to work for the day, we’ll focus on finishing the current manuscript. She arrives in town in two weeks for a two week stay, and then she moves in at the end of June. We need to get a move on things. 🙂

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