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The Current WIP List

February 26, 2011

When Kris comes down for her visit next week, we’ll be outlining many of these and setting a writing/release schedule for them. Woot!

312 Days
(Literary Fiction)
After Amelia Earhart’s plane disappeared, the world scoured the ocean for her. She was never found. This does not mean she was dead. For 312 days, Amelia survived on Gardner’s Island, alone and with her eyes always turned to the sky, hoping for rescue. No one came.

Here Comes the Night / Book One
(Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy, M/M, M/F, F/F, multiple partners)
Multiple first-person POV paranormal erotic series. World-building and cast need to be fleshed out before outlining can begin. Basic premise: vampires, shifters, witches, necromancers, and other paranormal creatures live in the modern world with the same rights and protections as humans. They are internally governed by a body of ruling supernaturals, and the story follows a handful of creatures in one city as they fight to find their place in a new world order.

Here Comes the Night / Book Two
Description to come.

Here Comes the Night / Book Three
Description to come.

House of Cards: The Moon
(Paranormal, M/M, M/F, F/F, multiple partners)
World-building and cast need to be fleshed out before outlining can begin. Basic premise: the tarot cards are personified beings that love and lose and want and need like any other sentient creature. These will follow the stories of a handful of cards as they find love, happiness, and renewed purpose.

House of Cards: Three of Swords

House of Cards: Ten of Swords

The Keeper’s Heart
(Paranormal Romance/Vampires, M/M)
Sequel to The Keeper, details will come later.

Lessons In Cowboy
(Contemporary Western, M/M)
North Larkin is a successful country music star. There’s only one problem his manager can see: North is anything but a country boy. In the hopes of rectifying this possible snag in North’s road to superstardom, his manager finds the Stallings Ranch and convinces Cade Stallings to teach North how to be a real cowboy.

Cade, though, finds the whole thing ridiculous. His son, Ethan, however, convinces him that the money being offered by North’s manager would allow them to move out of debt and finally make a profit off the property. Reluctantly, Cade agrees, but he sure as hell didn’t have to like it.

Of the Shadow World: Dominance & Lust
(Paranormal Romance, M/M)
Alex Langseth recently lost his mother and half-brother to a drunk driving accident. As a result, he has inherited a large sum of money and gone seeking a distraction from his pain. He finds that distraction in the ballet, and during one performance, he is besotted by the male lead, Ranae Bellemont. Night after night, Alex comes to the ballet to watch Ranae, to lose himself in the world of fantasy Ranae and the other dancers create.

Finally, Ranae decides to invite the hazel-eyed man backstage following a performance, hungry for more than just conversation. When Alex agrees to spend the night in Ranae’s hotel room, everything changes for both men, and the path they walk becomes precarious and volatile.

Of the Shadow World: Madness

Of the Shadow World: Ruin

Of the Shadow World: Rage

Of the Shadow World: Terror

Of the Shadow World: Addiction & Obsession

Of the Shadow World: Greed

Other Side of Night: Havva & Amiri
(Paranormal Romance/Vampires, M/F)
Havva meets her match in the older, world-weary Amiri.

Other Side of Night: Nathan & Ryan
(Paranormal Romance/Vampires, M/M)
Nathan is a ghoul. Not in the newly-risen-dead sort of way, but more in a must-drink-from-vampires-often sort of way. Their blood keeps him alive and young, and he runs from city to city looking for the older vampires he can con into a night of passion and blood. He figures it’s an even trade: they get a meal from him, he gets another month of life.

Except the vampires don’t much like what he does, and his original master is still looking for him.

Nathan stumbles into Raleigh one night, desperate for his fix, and finds Ryan Ward. Ryan is a wealthy man, a vampire of only four hundred years, and Nathan sets to seducing him. Ryan takes what is offered and, the following night, makes an offer Nathan is hard-pressed to refuse.

Other Side of Night: Jaya & Fern
(Paranormal Romance/Vampires, F/F)

Other Side of Night: Elijah & Roan
(Paranormal Romance/Vampires, M/M)

Other Side of Night: Katsu & Takeo & Yuki
(Paranormal Romance/Vampires, M/M/F)

(Urban Fantasy, M/M)
Matthew wakes one night to the sight of a strange, beautiful creature perched on the foot of his bed. Moonlight is a Sidhe from Otherworld, the land of the Fae, and he has come to collect Matthew. Matthew’s father, the Fir Darrig Moss, has been assassinated and his seat on the Fae Council within the Solar Court is now up for grabs.

And, it seems, Matthew’s half-brother, the Sidhe Larke from the Lunar Court, very much wants that seat.

Thrown in the world of fairie politics he’d never even dreamed of, Matthew is forced to make choices, friends, and enemies, slowly giving up a mortal life that had once meant the world to him for a fairie life he’d not known existed. Allying himself with the Solar Court, Matthew fights against Larke and his ideals of one Court ruled by him, while falling in love with the sarcastic, witty, and deadly Moonlight.

Book One

Book Two

Book Three

Book Four

Book Five

(Paranormal Romance/Vampires, M/M, M/M/F, M/F)
In 2156, most of the human population has been decimated. It took only a hundred years for the vampiric virus to kill or turn 75% of the world’s free population. Vampires took control of the governments, of whole cities, ruling with their own set of values and laws. Humans in such cities are bred for food or sex, kept as either cattle or pampered pets. Outside these cities, smaller settlements of humans exist that barely eek out an existence in a world they are unprepared for.

This is intended to be a series of books, though the main focus hasn’t been decided.

(Contemporary Poly M/M/M/F)
Quinn, Lorelei, and Dorian share an ideal life. Quinn is a lawyer working his way up through the ranks in his law firm. Lorelei is a part-time tutor on the local college campus. Dorian is still working hard to become one of the best dancers in New York. Everything seems to be moving along right on schedule until Dorian falls for his stage manager. Patrick, though, hasn’t admitted he’s bisexual, let alone open to dating a man who has two committed partners waiting for him at home. Dorian’s desires unbalance a precarious arrangement that could bring their perfect world toppling down around them.

Venetian Mask Erotic Mystery: Book One
(Mystery/Erotic Romance, M/M, M/F, F/F, multiple partners)
World-building and cast need to be fleshed out before outlining can begin. Basic premise: alternative history where technology isn’t quite what it is now. Takes place in an almost medieval Venice where people are upstanding, proper citizens from dawn until dusk, but once the sun sets, the city becomes a hedonistic, debauched–and sometimes dangerous–place to roam.

Venetian Mask Erotic Mystery: Book Two

Venetian Mask Erotic Mystery: Book Three

Venetian Mask Erotic Mystery: Book Four

Venetian Mask Erotic Mystery: Book Five

Wanderlust: Land of Nod
(Erotic Fantasy, M/F)
Mankind is said to be born of one man and one women, expelled from the Garden of Eden. Adam, before he took to wife Eve, rejected the first woman God created for him: Lilith. Lilith, having eaten from the Tree of Life but not the Tree of Knowledge, refused to be subservient to Adam, and she left Eden for the Land of Nod. Years later, Adam’s first son took the life of their second son, and God placed upon Cain a mark and a punishment: eternal wandering. After his first marriage ends, and his feet send him wandering through the lands his brothers and sisters children now populate, he finds Lilith, and she challenges him mentally, physically, and sexually.

Wanderlust: Land of Faith
During the Spanish Inquisition, Cain’s path crosses with Lilith’s once again.

Wanderlust: Land of Truth
In modern London, Cain comes seeking Lilith’s aid, but the price she wants in return for her help may be too much for Cain to pay.

World of Egaea
(Fantasy, M/M, M/F, F/F, multiple partners)
World-building and cast need to be fleshed out before outlining can begin. Fantasy world with Elves, Maith, Varan, Humans, dragons, griffins, giant spiders, magic, and all sorts of plots, problems, and love stories.

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