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My Busy World

March 8, 2011

Kris arrives today around 5pm. The last two or three days have been spent doing that panicked, manic cleaning of the house. I’m always reminded of that bit by Jeff Foxworthy every time we have a guest over. “This is the cleanest our house has been in six months!” It’s when all surfaces are scrubbed, all clutter is put away, and the carpets are all vacuumed. Yep, that’s been our Monday and Tuesday, because you can’t do it too far in advance or the whole place is a mess again right before the guest shows up. XD That’s not to say the house is usually a disaster, just that there’s clutter and the floors are swept and vacuumed daily. I’m a neat freak thanks to OCD, so the house usually doesn’t need too much sprucing, but I can always find something in need of a cleaning before a guest comes by!

I haven’t slept well. My stomach has been upset for days. This is mainly due to stress.

Stress. OMG. I have it. The postal carrier decided, randomly, not to deliver my mail on Saturday but return it all as undeliverable. This pisses me off. This pisses me off a LOT. There was $100 worth of merchandise that is now being sent BACK to sellers and I am very, very unhappy. This is unacceptable. I’ve also decided that, with all the trouble we have with our local post office, I want to move. I can’t live somewhere where my mail may or may not be delivered. I called an complained yesterday but, of course, there isn’t much they can do NOW. I’ll just have to repay shipping charges to have the damn things delivered again.

I received the beta back for Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley from the first beta reader with great comments. I made her corrections and sent it on to the proofreader (as I fine with multitasking the manuscript). The proofreader sent it back late Sunday night, but his comments worry me. He liked the story, but… *sighs* He thinks the first half of the story is too simplistic, that Bastian should be more traumatized than he is, that Riley shouldn’t be as upset toward the end as he is, among other things. But, if we accept that critique (which, to be honest, why wouldn’t we?), it means a whole rewrite of the first half of the book with a May 23rd deadline for release (which includes sending the revamped manuscript back to the beta, and then the finished manuscript being with the typesetter for a month). It may be best to push the release date back to June, but we didn’t want to do that since we have anthologies due out June and July.

I’ve sent the proofreader’s comments off to the editor, Roger, and Kris. Everyone can read them, and then we’ll have a little sit down and discuss what we want to do. I don’t want to release sub-par material just to have a release. It’s important that we only offer up quality, not quantity.

I also need to finally draft the various emails I want to send inviting particular authors I enjoy to submit material to the press. I keep putting that off. I also need to work on a beta for another author, the editing for the two anthologies, read two submissions we received on Friday, and outline our 2012 and 2013 schedules. As I said, stress, I have it. XD Not that I mind. Busy is good. I like busy because busy means things are moving along nicely.

For people who bought the The Keeper audiobook, it’s come to my attention it’s defective. I’m trying to sort that out. Please be patient? I expected better than this and gave a certain level of trust to the company to provide us with a quality audiobook, and it seems that was a naive move. I’ve learned from it and it will not happen again. I’ll post more when there’s more to talk about.

Kris and I still have three novellas and two novels to write for this year… plus the first release of 2012. @_@ That’s all right. 🙂 We’ll make it!

Kris moves in with us in June. We think we’ve figured out the most inexpensive manner of doing this. It just means she leaves behind her furniture in Flagstaff and just puts into her car everything she can. When she gets here, Roger and Annie will go with Kris to pick out her own furniture here at thrift stores and yard sales so she has something to tide her over until we move into a house and have somewhere to put all her stuff. Then, Roger and Kris will fly out to Flagstaff, rent a moving truck, and drive her stuff back to Florida. That should happen sometime in early 2012, depending on money and scheduling. But, we’re excited that she’ll be permanently here in a few months. She’ll take a couple weeks to settle in, and then start looking for a massage therapy position. Hopefully, she’ll find a placement quickly. 🙂

So, busy damn year this year. I don’t mind being busy, though. As I said, busy tells me there is progress. I’d rather be harried moving forward than frustrated and stagnant.

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