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New & Upcoming Releases

April 8, 2011

Have a couple things to share today! 🙂

First, my short story from the Cast the Cards anthology was released on it’s own a couple of days ago. Oneiros is a 11,500 word short story about a young man named Caleb who, when faced with his HIV+ status, retreats from the world, finding solace in a dream lover. It’s $1.49 from Storm Moon Press!

My next release will be in June. A short story I wrote with my co-author, K. Piet, will be appearing in the Wild Passions anthology. The story is a first glimpse at our massive fantasy world, Egaea. It will be a couple years before any of our full length stuff for that world comes out, but until then, you can meet our feral-Maith in Alpha’s Pride! The story itself will be released on its own in December, but I’m in great company in the anthology, so I encourage people to buy the anthology itself. 😀 I’ll post when it’s officially available (and people who are on my personal mailing list have already gotten a taste of the short story!).

July will be the release of Daughters Of Artemis, a lesbian anthology starring alpha female werewolves. A short story by K. Piet and me will be in that one, too. 🙂 I’m very excited about that story.

September is when we hope Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley will come out. We’ve had a bit of a snag with that one, though it’s still with our editor. The response from a beta and a proofreader showed some flaws and weak spots that we’ll need to hammer out before it’s ready. The release date has been moved back to account for the rewrites.

This has meant the rest of our schedule has been shoved back. Our first M/F erotic romance, the first novella in a series of three, called Wanderlust: Land of Nod, has been slated for November. It stars Cain and Lilith, of Biblical fame, though after the respective bouts with Adam and God. It’s not an inspirational, and I don’t think religion actually plays much of a part in the storylines as they are sort of separate from religion. I hope it won’t put people off and they’ll give the novellas a chance. 🙂 We’re so excited about those books! They’re hot and, I think, unique.

This brings us up to December, which is when we’re planning on releasing Polyfidelity, an M/M/M/F poly quad story.

Yep, I’m writing stuff with girl bits! 🙂 I like girl bits, quite honestly. I like reading fiction with girl bits, and I like writing fiction with girl bits. I’m still a little unsure if I want to do this under another pen name or not. Some readers prefer it, but I don’t want to juggle three pen names (M/M, F/F, and M/F) when one is just fine. It’s all the same author, and if the description of the books are read, readers should know clearly what’s in which book.

Next year, there won’t be any anthologies with my fiction in them. Kris and I want to focus on writing the novels. Our first release of 2012 will be Lessons In Cowboy, a contemporary M/M western. The rest of 2012 won’t be sorted out until after this summer.

I’m so looking forward to the Wild Passions release, and I hope everyone will take a look at it when it’s available!

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