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Reworking the Schedule

May 20, 2011

The last three or four weeks have been positively insane for me, but not on the writing front.

I’m one of the owners of Storm Moon Press, and over the last few weeks, we saw this explosion with the press. It’s a great thing, and I don’t regret a moment of it as I’m now working with awesome people like Rachel Haimowitz and Aleks Voinov, but it has meant a drastic decrease in time I have had to write.

Last night, I finally started on a short for the Daughters of Artemis anthology. I’d intended Under the Strawberry Moon to be the story that went in the anthology, but as I looked over the outline yesterday, I realized it was best to write it as its own novella. I don’t want to rush that story, and I think it would do much better on its own, so I decided to basically write a companion piece for the short I wrote for Wild Passions, Alpha’s Pride.

It’s untitled for now, but it’s set in Tridéa instead of Sephryn, starring Elves instead of feral-Maith. Wood Elves, to be exact, who are shapeshifters. The House of Wood, for many, many years, was very anti-women, oppressing them and generally being pig-headed men. When an Ice Elf captures the King’s heart, things begin to change, and through that change is the appointing of the first female alpha of a pack within the governmental structure of the House of Wood. So, the story follows Sasha and her lover Aneira as they try to carve out their place in a male-dominated society while trying hard to hold onto what makes their relationship so special.

That’s not the only reworking that will be done. While I still intend to do the rewrites to Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley and put it out in September, and write Polyfidelity for a December release, Kris and I are changing our plans for 2012. We’re both incredibly busy, and we think that four to six releases in a year on top of all the press stuff is just too much. We’ll rework things once Kris moves in next month, but things like Lessons In Cowboy and Wanderlust: Land of Nod will have to wait a bit. Time to regroup!

I think I’ll be happier once I have several outlines so I can work on multiple manuscripts at once. I dislike doing manuscripts one at a time because I can easily become bored with it. I don’t like writing feeling like a chore, and so I need to fix that before I begin hating what I currently love. I have so many stories to tell, and simply not enough hours in the day to tell them. 🙂

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