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It’s Been A Slow Recovery

June 14, 2011

I’ve been utterly shocked by how quickly I tire! It’s been three weeks since the surgery to remove my gall bladder, and while I’ve beaten back the infections I wound up with when I left the hospital (who says hospitals are clean, safe places?), I’ve discovered a healed exterior body doesn’t equal a healed internal body.

It’s been a bit frustrating. I’m tired a lot. I become fatigued easily. While I’ve lost a lot of weight, I feel as I felt at my highest weight: groggy, tired, and out of breath easily. My GP assures me this will pass in a couple more weeks (though he assures me it can be as many as nine months before I feel 100% my old self), so I’m impatiently waiting for that morning when I wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

When I do have the energy to do more than my daily tasks in my home, I focus on Storm Moon Press. It’s my baby, everything I am sinking my life into, and I want to see it flourish. Between website updates, working with the cover artist, doing editing, working with the editor, and conversing with authors, it leaves little time for much else, which is fine. I love what we’re doing, who we’re working with, and I can’t wait to see everything come to fruition. It does leave me with little time to write at the moment.

I’ve decided to put off working on Lessons In Cowboy and Wanderlust: Land of Nod. I’m not doing this lightly as Lessons In Cowboy has been something I’ve been working on for years now, and I love the concept of the Wanderlust series. What I’ve decided is that, after Polyfidelity comes out, I’m going to take a break from releasing novellas and novels for a year. I’ll release short stories (as there are several anthologies we’re putting out with Storm Moon Press that seriously interest me), but I want to take a year to properly write, edit, and stockpile several novels without pressure of publication. I think this will be best for the work, and it’s the work that I want to shine. I want to put out great stories, not rush, mediocre ones, and I think this is the best way to go about it.

So, yes, I will be working on Lessons In Cowboy, the Other Side of Night series, and the Wanderlust trilogy–along with a new trilogy I’m calling Deal With A Devil and the beginning of the Egaea books (finally!)–but they simply won’t be coming out until 2013. 2012 will be our year for short stories instead. 😀

But, this Friday is the release of Wild Passions, an anthology with anthro characters. It’s an amazing anthology with some awesome talent (Cornelia Grey, Angelia Sparrow, Cari Z, Wayne Mansfield, Elizabeth Hyder, and K. Piet & myself) with just fantastic short stories. It’s available for pre-order now at 20% off retail until release day, so if you want to buy that, I’d grab it now while it’s cheap! I’ll make a post Friday when it releases with buy links to all the retailers (though I’d love it if you bought it from the press’ site directly), a contest, and a new excerpt from K. Piet’s & my contribution, Alpha’s Pride.

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