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“Wild Passions” Is Now Available! :D

June 17, 2011

It’s finally here! 😀 I’m so excited, because this has just been a wonderful anthology to put together and contribute to. I hope everyone who buys it loves it as much as we all do. It’s just a great book with heartbreak, hope, love, and darkness.

Other worlds, other planes of existence, other places where humans are not the only type of creature to walk and talk. Human-like animals populate the pages of Wild Passions! These are not shifters, but humanoid animals that experience love and lust in their sometimes wild, sometimes civilized worlds.

Meet Liam, a half-fox in a world where ‘urban jungle’ isn’t a metaphor. When trouble comes in the form of an organized militia looking to experiment, Liam must put his trust where he never expected: in the hands of a human.

Koit is a Shterpi, a reptilian alien with a reputation for womanizing. A dare from a friend has Koit changing his target to other men, and he finds that variety really is the spice of life.

Alec and Nahale are feral-Maith, genetic offshoots from a fantastic race. Under pressure, Alec challenges Nahale for leadership of their clan, threatening to destroy the relationship they’d been building for years.

Panos only wants to live a normal life, free from the secret that’s kept him isolated from others. However, he still needs a roommate, and his attraction to the other man has him wondering if opening up might not be so bad after all.

Ferran is making his last trip away from his home planet of Perelan before duty calls him back. But a rakish spaceship captain tosses a wrench into his finely crafted plans, and his world may never be the same.

Gordon and Leo work in the freak-show at a traveling carnival, wowing audiences with their half-animal physiques. But when animal constructs are second-class citizens and legal property of others, falling in love is the most dangerous act of all.

You can get it directly through Storm Moon Press (which I hope you’ll do), but for those readers who like their third party vendors, it’s also available at Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, at All Romance eBooks, at 1 Place For Romance, and at Rainbow eBooks.

And much to my surprise, the anthology has already been reviewed! Alex over at Between the Covers gave it 4 stars out of 5! I love what he had to say about my joint contribution with K. Piet, Alpha’s Pride:

This story starts hot and heavy and ends hot and heavy, with love and pain as its filling. Aside from one moment of “I hope those claws are retractable,” it was a well-executed story about the good of the clan overcoming the individual’s pride and the benefits the individual can reap from that. The main characters struggle through their personal emotions and what they know they need to do while still loving one another. It is a touching, and at times heartbreaking, story.

So wonderful!

Now, I promised a new excerpt for you that’s not available on the site or from my previous teaser. 😉

This hunt would never end.

The snow had stuck, but Alec had also beaten it by three days. The settlement had been ready for that first true snowfall. The hunts that had followed, though, had been hard and trying. Nahele would not, no matter how many times Alec shouted at him, fall into line. Instead, Nahele did what he wanted, when he wanted. It was no end of frustration for Alec, and it meant those who followed him were weakening in their belief of him. It couldn’t continue.

But, first, this gods’ forsaken hunt would have to end.

The deer were not too far from the settlement for them to safely travel in the snow. Alec had decided to head to the river that cut through the forest to the seashore in the south. Big prey often came to the river to try and catch fish. He was sure there would be some boar down there, and as they approached, he’d caught sight of six near the water. If they timed it right, they could take down at least two. If they missed out on this, he’d have to send a second hunting party out in the opposite direction and hope that they brought something substantial back.

Nahele crept out of line, and Alec growled softly, yanking at Nahele’s tail. It made his heart ache, thinking of all the times he’d yanked that strong, agile tail in the heat of passion. He missed those intimate moments with Nahele. Instead, he’d been losing himself in the warmth and heat of one of the dominant females, proving himself to her so that, when the fertile cycles came, she would be happy to bear him a litter. But, it didn’t compare. There was no emotional attachment to her like he had to Nahele, and now Nahele was doing everything possible to not only break that emotional tie, but to smash it irreparably.

“I said to stay,” he hissed at Nahele. “We need this kill, and I will not have you fuck this up.”

Nahele’s tail flicked and struggled in his grip, but he refused to let go. “Me? Trouble?” Nahele feigned innocence, but there was that cruel spark in his eyes again, and Alec tightened his fist. If Nahele jerked forward now, he’d risk a break in his own tail. They both knew it, and Nahele’s expression went from teasing to severe. He said nothing more but scooted back with a soft growl.

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