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July 12, 2011

And the fourth chapter of A Knight’s Sacrifice has been written and sent off to the beta. Woot! This was after a struggle all day to get it out, but in the end, I did manage. 😀 K. added a bit to the chapter, but she just wasn’t feeling Jarrett tonight. I can’t blame her. Jarrett’s pain is something else. But, I’m happy with the chapter and can’t wait to share it on Friday.

We’re also working on outlining a novella with a king and his slave. Right now, it’s paragraphs of ideas. Tomorrow night, it’ll be turned into a workable outline. We’re hoping to put that title out toward the end of the year/early next year. The end of this year is pretty packed with things, so early next year is looking good.

Just thought I’d offer up a quick note, a bit of a squee. I’ll leave you with a tiny teaser from this upcoming chapter. 😉

It was just a word, and Audric was just a man. He was a man who was a king, yes, but he was still a man. Though he was certain it would hurt them both for him to quietly decline and shut his door, Jarrett was very sure it was what needed to happen. Audric was living a lie each night, and it was driving Jarrett crazy. It was breaking his heart, and he had the feeling it would have broken Malin’s, too. Malin wouldn’t have wanted Audric to pass each night holding onto a ghost, and he wouldn’t have wanted Jarrett to martyr himself. Right now, they couldn’t help one another, not with Audric blind to him, and him unable to speak against Audric. It was a vicious, painful cycle, and Audric wasn’t going to stop it.

So, it fell to Jarrett to end the whole mess.

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