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I Long For A Day Off

July 18, 2011

Oh, a holiday. It’s been about five years since I took a holiday. A real, honest holiday. I plan to. Hopefully, this winter, the husband-thing and I will head up to a cabin for a week, but even then, we plan on taking the laptops just in case. XD The work, it never stops!

This weekend was sort of a wash. A lot of marketing was worked on, but little else. One of my cats also had surgery on Thursday, so we’ve also been tending to her. It’s been a busy weekend, but it doesn’t feel like much was accomplished. I hate those sorts of weekends.

My goal today is to begin working on the next A Knight’s Sacrifice chapter, work more on my Daughter’s of Artemis story (which was put aside while I was recovering from surgery), and update all of Storm Moon Press’ sales figures.

The fifth chapter of A Knight’s Sacrifice shouldn’t be too difficult. It will be Audric’s POV, and I know at least one scene will be Audric officially meeting Primeveire. Other than that, I’m a bit hazy on how the rest of the chapter will go. There might be some time between Audric and a new character. We shall see.

I also need to figure out a title for my Daughter’s of Artemis story. I dislike writing on a story without a title. I’ve been stalled on the next scene due to the volatile nature of the main character, but I’m hoping a strong cup of tea and a bit of determination will help me through it. 🙂 I think it’s an awesome story of female empowerment and change in a male-dominated culture, so I really want to push through and complete the story in the next week or so.

K. Piet and I have also been tossing about a story idea with Dorian Gray. I’ve had Dorian Gray living in my head for years now, and I’d love to tell his story. We think we have the foundation of the novel in mind, so that’s something we’ll poke at next year. We have a file of dozens of ideas, and eventually we’ll prioritize them. Next year will be a very busy writing year, but it’s exciting. Just need to get through 2011’s commitments!

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