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Release Day (plus a lot of writing-related rambling)!

August 26, 2011

Radio silence has been maintained as we put the final touches on the Daughters of Artemis release. Oi, this has been a labor of love, I tell you. But, we did it! I also think it’s a good anthology with some great pieces inside. Artwork by Nathie, once again, who is just amazing, and it’s full of fiction from Marie Carlson, K. Piet, Shashauna P. Thomas, Erik Moore, Della R. Buckland, and me! 😀 Head on over to Storm Moon Press and buy it! It’s available in ebook and print (though print is a bit delayed, sorry!) for $6.99 and $13.99.

K. Piet and I have sussed out our writing schedule for next year. We’ll be writing for four anthologies and should have one novella release in 2012 (the novella will be Wanderlust Book One: Land of Nod). We will be writing even more, though, for release in 2013. We just need 2012 to be a year of mostly writing instead of publishing, and I think that will help us a lot. I’m even eager to tell you about some of the projects!

Wanderlust: Land of Nod — Our first priority in 2012 will be to write and edit the first Wanderlust book. It’s been slated to come out in August of 2012, so we want to get it written, edited, and out of the way as soon as possible. It’s about Cain and Lilith, and the first book takes place in that time between the first murder and the coming of Christ. While it is set with Biblical characters, uses the Christian mythos as a backdrop, and is a heterosexual erotic romance, we do not consider this one a religious or inspirational storyline. It’s just Cain and Lilith trying to find their way in the world and in changing times.

Blood Pact: Deal With A Devil #1 — This is the first book in a trilogy about an ex-cop who turns to a demon to help him seek revenge against the people who murdered his wife and child. It’s a M/M erotic romance of sorts, but darker, grittier, and where Good and Bad aren’t so clear.

Lessons In Cowboy — Gods, I’ve been working on this manuscript for YEARS! I can’t wait to finish it. It’s a light-hearted M/M contemporary western erotic romance about a country music star who has to learn how to be a cowboy. The characters are full of dry wit, piss, and vinegar, and I’m itching to finish it and get it out there.

The Wolf-King — Although K. Piet and I have written and published a couple small pieces taking place in the greater world of Egaea (Alpha’s Pride, which takes place on the continent of Sephryn, and Sacrifices, which takes place on the continent of Tridéa in the House of Wood), this will be our first official novel for the line of books. This novel stars the Maith King Bleidd of Stoyrm, a somewhat barbaric kingdom in the east of Sephryn, and the struggles he goes through following the loss of his wife, an invasion of his realm, a political demand on his time, and the growing interest of his second in command, Terrill. Our first true high fantasy release, and the first in a long line of titles occurring in the World of Egaea, and we can’t wait.

The Immortal Sonata #1: Allegro — I’ve always had a love for the story of Dorian Gray. He’s a twisted up character that I have wanted to dissect for years. Finally, I have a story for him. This is the first book in a trilogy about Dorian Gray and how he learns to truly love something other than himself. It’s quite a sex-heavy tale, but when you’re the king of debauchery, how could it not be? 😉

And we’ll be writing shorts in these following anthologies for Storm Moon Press:

Flux — An fantasy/sci-fi anthology about intersexed characters.
Picking Up the Pieces — A bisexual, post-apocalyptic anthology.
Fraternal Devotion — An anthology devoted to M/M incest.
Serve Me — A M/M anthology all about slavery and servitude.

So, there you go. Lots of stuff. We’re also attending a handful of conventions next year, vending for Storm Moon Press, which has us really excited. I’m hoping to resume Free Fiction Friday soon. Right now, K. Piet and I are up against a deadline for Other Side of Night #1: Bastian & Riley which comes out in late September, so that’s taken priority for us. Lots of catch-up to do! As soon as OSON is complete and ready to head out, we have to focus on Polyfidelity, our final release for 2011, and boy, will we sigh a sigh of relief and take a few weeks’ breather! 😉

Keep a look out in September for the Storm Moon Press annual blog tour announcement, as we have everything scheduled in October, and we’re doing some great things in December and January, too. There is the return of the Swag Bag Giveaway, the mailing list freebie, and the international giveaways to celebrate this second year of business. So bouncey about that!

Have a great weekend, guys!

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