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Weekly Round Up + A Teaser!

October 9, 2011

I’m going to do a weekly round up here, since right now, I think that’s all I can manage. This is the time when things get hairy around here. Two releases to prep for Storm Moon Press for November, and then a good slew of things come out in December, plus there’s the Yule/Christmas season, plus there are two important birthdays in November. October, November, and December is just a madhouse for me!

One of the things that’s going to also add pressure is that I’m attempting my Advent Challenge thing yet again. Last year, I managed 23 of the 25 stories before I conked out on it. This year, K. Piet and I are teaming together to get through the challenge. 😀 We’re writing 29 stories, with Advent beginning November 27 and continuing on until December 25. One new story will be posted each day. I’ve already outlined all the stories, and K. and I have one completed (which wound up being over 4,000 words), so we’re excited. We began the second story tonight. It’s also a pretty smutty Advent, but I somehow doubt people will mind. 😉 You’ll see a lot of familiar characters as well as many new ones. So excited for this!

And then there’s the blog tour. We’re chugging along on that, and we’ve made it through the first seven days! Here are the links for those wanting to read along:
Getting Sweaty With Your Clothes On — Where I talk about writing action scenes
Rachel Haimowitz interviewed on BookWenches
Aleksandr Voinov interviewed on Top2Bottom Reviews
Rachel Haimowitz interviewed on eBook Addict Reviews
Stumbling Over Chaos Giveaway for Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley (open for entries until 10/14)
Someone Throw A Pie Already! — Where I talk about writing comedy
Meet Storm Moon Press at It’s Raining Men

We still have many more stops to make, and I’ll keep updating weekly on those.

Finally, what is the teaser? Well, I’m going to give a small taste of the Advent short we completed today. It’s from our World of Egaea, a massive fantasy world still in progress, and visits the new characters of Eldan (a three-time king of the House of Ice), Falynn (an ex-lust slave from the House of Water), and Dax (a feral-Maith from the Sephryn continent). It will be posted in full December 17th. Enjoy!

Eldan’s fingers found one of Dax’s weak spots and began scritching. “It’s all right, kitten. Falynn is just in a foul mood because the snow kittens tore through his favorite cloak. Keegan was right. In time, you’ll learn the control. We will help however we can.”

Dax perked up a little, flashing Eldan a smile before nudging Falynn affectionately with his cold nose. “No wonder the snow kittens were happy to see me. They must be counting on me to make amends.” Eldan’s hand shifted to another spot along his spine, and he practically melted, a rolling purr rumbling out of him. “I can make amends, can’t I, starfish?”

“You’re just buttering me up so I’ll help groom you.”

“But you like grooming me.” Dax’s voice trilled as he spoke, his tongue darting out to scrape over Falynn’s lips. He had the most beautiful, full lips Dax had ever seen. Falynn’s eyes took on that dark color, the scent of arousal rising around him to fill Dax’s nose. It was Falynn’s centuries as a lust slave, Dax knew, that ensured a little lick to that gorgeous mouth led to full arousal. It thrilled Dax as much as it saddened him, but he gave Falynn a sultry smile. “You like grooming me as much as I like grooming you.”

Dax moved down some and drew his rough tongue up the pale curve of Falynn’s throat, and the deep moan his lover made went straight to his own cock. Falynn’s hand came up, cupped the back of his head, and pulled their lips close.

“By the gods, Dax, how do you do it?” Falynn breathed against Dax’s lips. “How do you make my heart pound so?”

“Love,” Dax said with a smile. “Love instead of ownership. Just like the way Eldan’s gaze from across the room can make either of us weak in the knees.”

Eldan took one of the towels from his grip and began patting Dax’s fur dry with a chuckle. “Technically, I do still own him, but that isn’t what keeps us together, is it, starfish?”

Eldan’s small hand brushed past Dax’s face to Falynn’s, pulling Falynn’s hair back before trailing down Falynn’s long, unadorned neck. Dax knew what had been there. The collars of the Water Slaves were as brutal as they were beautiful, and he had heard stories about the sheer amount of magic Eldan had used just to break the spell of the collar. It amazed him how every simple touch between Eldan and Falynn held such meaning, such history.

Falynn’s cheeks tinted red. “No. It never was.” He smiled, and Dax thought Falynn stunning when he smiled. “You bought me, but never owned me. Not like the others.”

“Help me dry off our kitten, and then he can see to your grooming,” Eldan said. “I think we could all use some thorough, intense grooming, don’t you, kitten?”

Dax’s silvery blue eyes lit up, and butterflies fluttered in his stomach. “Very thorough.” He wastes no time, dipping immediately to Falynn’s neck to lick broadly over fragrant skin while pawing at the ties of Falynn’s warm clothing. Out of all of them, Falynn was the most warmly dressed, and if he wanted to get to Falynn’s skin, he had to work through several layers.

“Patience, kitten,” Eldan laughed from behind him. “Don’t join the ranks of the snow kittens by shredding more of Falynn’s clothing.”

Falynn moaned. “You ruin the clothing, Dax, and I will take a switch to your hide.”

Just a tease, I know, but you’ll get several such teases until Advent begins. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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