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A Week Late, I know!

October 23, 2011

I’m a week late in posting. I should have done this last Sunday. Oi. Time gets away from me! I spent two weeks immersed in graphics work so I could get a bunch of stuff done for Storm Moon Press. Can’t wait to see the finished products! But, I felt really accomplished by the time it was all done, even if it sucked away all my time.

It’s also meant I haven’t written to the Advent Challenge in over a week. I think K. Piet and I plan to try and get one done today, and my goal is to write four more before next Sunday. We should be able to do that if we just buckle down. If we do that, we’ll have 10 of the 29 pieces complete. I’ll jump up and down excitedly when we hit the halfway point on this.

Blog tour is chugging along. I’ll share those links with everyone now.

Week Two
Cornelia Grey is interviewed on It’s Raining Men
The Dos and Don’ts of Co-Authoring – S.L. Armstrong gives tips for those considering co-authoring over on Babes in Boyland
Introducing Wild Moon Books! – Storm Moon Press announces its new imprint on Naughty in the Backseat
Bisexuality in Erotic Romance – Compelling post at Sugarbeat’s Books plus a GIVEAWAY for The Direction of Greatest Courage
Why Wild Moon Books – More about SMP’s new Wild Moon Books imprint at Sugarbeat’s Books
Behind Other Side of Night – K. Piet gives a little background to the OSoN world at Long & Short Reviews: Whipped Cream
Upcoming SMP Releases – K. Piet talks about Counterpunch and Crescendo at Long & Short Reviews: Whipped Cream
The Story Behind the Name – K. Piet explains how Storm Moon Press got its name at Long & Short Reviews: Whipped Cream
Coming Soon from S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet – K. Piet talks about works in progress at Long & Short Reviews: Whipped Cream
Wild Moon Books – S.L. Armstrong talks about the new imprint at Long & Short Reviews: Whipped Cream
Beyond the Traditional: Polyamory & Bisexuality in Fiction – On little-explored niches in the GLBT erotica/erotic romance genres over at Top 2 Bottom Reviews
S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet are interviewed on It’s Raining Men

Week Three
In Defense of Feminine Men – Erik Moore addresses the Chicks-With-Dicks trope on It’s Raining Men
Cornelia Grey is interviewed on BookWenches
Rachel Haimowitz is interviewed on Amanda Young’s Romance Without Inhibition Blog
GLBT Erotica at Storm Moon Press – What SMP has to offer plus a GIVEAWAY for Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley at Night Owl Romance
Wild Moon Books – A little more about Wild Moon Books plus a GIVEAWAY for Wild Passions at night Owl Romance
The Inside Reader: Aleksandr Voinov – Aleks picks his top 10 books at Elisa Rolle’s Blog
The Allure of Taboo Topics – K. Piet talks about taboo anthology calls from SMP plus a GIVEAWAY for Wild Passions on International Heat
All About Anthologies – Why anthologies are great opportunities for publishers, authors, and readers alike over on Romance Lives Forever
Aleksandr Voinov is interviewed on Romance Lives Forever plus a GIVEAWAY for an ARC (advance release copy) of Counterpunch
Cornelia Grey is interviewed on Romance Lives Forever

One more week, and our crazy October blog tour will be over. XD It also means time’s running out to enter the Swag Bag giveaway and the International Bag giveaway.

My plans for this upcoming week are simple. My personal goals are to write several blog posts for here and for the Storm Moon Press blog, write four Advent Challenge pieces (not including today’s), and finish outlining Lessons In Cowboy. On the press front, I want to finish with the Weight of a Gun edits and prep it for our typesetter, read through two submissions and a query and respond, respond to the remaining artists who applied for a position with us, and send a cover art write up to Nathie.

I think all that can be accomplished if I apply myself. XD We’ll see how well I do that.

Oh! Next year, I–as well as Storm Moon Press–will be at Authors After Dark and OutlantaCon. Not sure if we’ll add any other conventions/gatherings to the 2012 schedule, but we’ll see. We’re really excited about the two we’ll be at. 😀

Now, time for your fiction teaser. I’ll give you a bit of a smutty one from the Rachmaninoff world. Aric brings home a snack for Nikola to enjoy with him.

Aric righted himself, his hungry gaze on Liam, and then he pounced the man, pulling him into a kiss. Nikola would join them, Aric knew, in his own time. It was always the same. Nikola gave him the pleasure of the conquest, of luring the prey, ensnaring the prey, and taking those first sips. It had helped him to learn how to capture mortals’ minds, how to bring them pleasure like he remembered Nikola bringing him all those years ago.

He pushed Liam to the bed, their hands pulling at each other’s clothing, and Aric practically growled. Hunger clawed at him, tested his resilience. Maybe he should have fed more. Maybe he was just horny as hell. His sex drive still hadn’t properly leveled out, and he was beginning to wonder if it ever would. “Going to suck you ’til you scream,” Aric panted as he finally got his hands into Liam’s pants.

Liam was hard against his palm, slender but long, and he devoured every sound the man made until Liam managed to get them completely naked. Only then did his mouth leave Liam’s and start on the path down to his cock, licking and nipping all along the way. “Freckles… Fucking love your freckles,” he moaned as he moved past collarbones and down along the center of Liam’s body. He took Liam’s cock between his lips without a moment’s hesitation, sucking him right into his throat.

“Oh, bloody fuck!” Liam cursed, causing Nikola to chuckle from the sidelines.

Nikola finished stripping and climbed on the bed behind Liam, and Liam groaned. “Like a fucking statue, all muscle and pale skin. Don’t you ever go—ah!—into the sun?”

“I’m a night owl,” Nikola said, voice thick with that Russian accent of his. “The world comes alive at night, and I love to share that time with my precious Aric.”

A new, different teaser next Sunday plus the wrap-up of our blog tour! 😀

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