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Blog Tour Wrap Up + Advent Teaser!

October 30, 2011

So, the blog tour is over. Wow. It’s been… wow. XD I’m glad we only do this once a year! It’s been as hectic as it’s been fun. Let me give you the final week’s wrap up.

Week Four
Aleksandr Voinov is interviewed over on BookWenches
The Invisible: Bisexual, Trans*, and Intersexed Characters over on Bibrary Book Lust
S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet are interviewed over on Bibrary Book Lust
Cornelia Grey talks about about her 10 favorite books over on Elise Rolle’s blog
Moving Beyond M/M over at Desert Island Keepers
All about Wild Moon Books over at Desert Island Keepers
Romance Tropes: Good or Bad over on Desert Island Keepers
How Not to Write a Sex Scene over at Three Wicked Writers Plus Two
Tab A Does Not Have to Go Into Slot B over on GLBT Promo Blog

That’s that! All done until next year. 🙂 Well, we do have a couple of blog stops planned for December, but let’s not worry about that until after Thanksgiving, hmm?

I’ve been a productive bee, though, this last week. I’ve written blog entries and I’ve written to the Advent Challenge. Woot! It feels so good to write. I love revisiting my characters and writing characters whose stories haven’t been told yet. Makes me eager to write those tales. Oh, if only time were unlimited and one didn’t have to eat, sleep, or run errands.

But, I will leave you with a yummy little Advent morsel starring Kasper and Logan from Catalyst.

Kasper rolled his eyes and pulled open the box. He pushed the tissue paper aside, and then his breath caught and a deep flush suffused his face. “Logan,” he breathed. Kasper ran his fingers over the oiled, dark leather of a gorgeous single tail whip. “But—”

Logan crawled close to him, eyes dark and hot. “It’s time.”

“Is it?” Kasper asked, shaking his head a little. “I’m not sure.”

“You’ve come a long way. We both have.” Logan caressed his face and drew him into a sweet kiss. “You’ve taken all the steps. You’re ready for this.”

Kasper’s heart pounded, and he licked his lips. Logan sounded so confident, so trusting, but could he be trusted? After all they’d been through, the darkness of addiction still felt so close sometimes.

“Do you not want to?” Logan asked, fingers tracing Kasper’s throat.

Kasper moaned softly. “I do,” he admitted. “God, Logan, I do. I jack off sometimes just remembering how it feels, but I didn’t want to ask. I didn’t trust myself.” He finally looked up from the whip. “I still don’t think I trust myself completely.”

“That’s the wonderful thing about this.” Logan brushed his smiling lips against Kasper’s. “I trust you, and I trust myself. I won’t let it go too far. So, the question is, do you trust me?”

“Implicitly,” Kasper whispered.

Logan smiled against his lips. “Good. Up to the playroom, then. I want to see you naked and bound.”

Kasper groaned when Logan pulled away, gingerly taking the whip from the box and carrying it reverently up the stairs to their playroom. He stopped short when he entered, eyeing the large post in the center. “You’ve been planning this, haven’t you?”

“Nonsense,” Logan chuckled. “Santa just left you a surprise during the night.”

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