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“Pawns Book I: Stalemate” Teaser

January 20, 2012

K. Piet and I have begun working on our next book… finally. We’re happy with the general outline and we’ve begun working on the story of the Solar Court faerie named Ash and his latest conquest, the Lunar Court faerie named Frost. And Frost does live up to his name in every respect. 😀 We intend this trilogy to be M/M/F, as Ash has a wife who he loves and who loves him, but Frost isn’t bisexual like Ash and so there’s no actual threesome to show. There’s mainly M/M with a side of M/F where Ash and Starlight are concerned. It’s just so exciting, though!

But, here’s the opening to the first chapter for you (though, again, it’s rough and hasn’t been through an editor), but I hope it whets people’s appetites!

His eyes subtly followed the dark-haired faerie, as they had done since the Lunar Court delegation had arrived three weeks ago. Frost paused at one of the desks in the meeting room, the soft tones of his voice carrying to the Ash’s ears. He’d heard of Frost, traded letters and treaties with Lord Mulberry’s head scholar, but he had yet to formally meet him. The Summer Solstice celebration seemed as good a time as any to finally have what he had coveted from a distance. Ash certainly knew with the strained relationship between the Solar Court and the Lunar Court, he might not have such an opportunity again. It had taken him pulling all the strings he possessed to ensure the celebration occurred at his own estate. Some of the other council members from the Solar Court hadn’t approved of his strong arming the situation, but when Ash wanted something, he rarely had to return empty handed.

From the moment Frost had stepped before him in the receiving chamber, bowed and introduced himself, Ash had known the dark faerie had to be his. Unlike the other Lunar Sídhe, Frost seemed to truly embody the night, from his appearance to his personality. He was the complete opposite of Ash himself, who wore the sun in his hair and the sky in his eyes, and Ash wanted possess that frigid moonlight for himself.

Cool and detached, that was Frost to Ash’s mind. Ash wanted to know if any heat hid under the carefully maintained mask of control Frost wore. He hoped Frost was fire and ice, both extremes hidden behind a calculating, glittering gray gaze. However, every attempt Ash had made to come close had been interrupted by some estate affair or personal crisis. It was grating on Ash’s nerves, the constant stream of interference. While he was a patient faerie, he also knew what he wanted.

And he always took what he wanted.

At the moment, what he wanted was Frost.

As the meeting room emptied, leaving only Ash and Frost, Ash took his opportunity. He approached Frost, casual and self-assured, and watched as Frost stowed the myriad parchments and maps.

“Lord Frost?”

“Yes, Lord Ash?” Frost replied, and his tone seemed almost bored.

Ash frowned. That was not a tone he was used to having directed at him. “I wondered if I might request your company this evening? Perhaps for a game of Merels?”

Frost righted himself, his eyes containing no warmth or welcome as he unflinchingly met Ash’s gaze. “Regretfully, my lord,” he said, though there was no trace of regret in the words, “I have a previous engagement with my lord and lady.”

“Perhaps another time?” Ash countered, stifling the urge to growl. No one put him off! No one. And here Frost was, giving him that bland expression, and nodding.

A humoring smile crossed Frost’s lips. “Of course, my lord. Another time. If you will excuse me.” Frost bowed his head respectfully, and left the rebuffed Ash alone in the meeting room.

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