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What’s To Come From S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet

January 27, 2012

So, what’s coming in 2012 from K. Piet and me? (Because I don’t think I have anything solo planned, and I’m cool with that.) Well, a couple novellas and a couple of novels. 😀

Pawns Book I: Stalemate (novella) – Lord Ash, of the Faerie Solar Court, is used to getting what—and who—he wants. So when he is rejected by Frost, a Faerie of the Lunar Court, he becomes only more intrigued. What follows is an intricate game of move and countermove as Ash works to capture Frost’s favor, no matter what obstacles stand between them.

Lessons In Cowboy (novel) – The hot name in country music is cowboy-turned-singer North Larkin. The trouble is, his cowboy persona is all hype, and the media is beginning to suspect. Now it’s up to Cade Stallings to teach North the ropes, but despite the 18-year age difference, all North really wants to learn about is Cade.

Wanderlust: Land of Nod (novella) – Lilith, the first woman, and Cain, the first murderer, both outcasts from Paradise, find each other east of Eden, in the twilight land of Nod. Cursed with immortality and forsaken by their Creator, the pair come together as they struggle to find place and purpose in a world on the verge of unstoppable change.

Polyfidelity (novel) – Lorelei, Dorian, and Quinn are a happy, stable triad. But when Lorelei begins entertaining the idea of children, Dorian doubts his place in that picture. When Patrick enters his life, Dorian believes he’s found the solution. Together, the four of them try to balance the concerns of life, love, and family in a world that believes they are doomed to fail.

We also have a handful of shorts planned for some anthologies (If We Shadows, Flux, Fraternal Devotion, Devil’s Night, and The First Time), plus a couple of ideas we’re trying to write between our main releases. I’m hoping we have the time to edit and publish the following this year:

The Wolf-King (novel) – To defend his land and his people from an outside enemy, King Bleidd of Stoyrm seeks out the lost magics of spirit-bonding, tying his spirit to that of an animal. But his second-in-command, Terrill, remembers too well the Scourge that destroyed those who once dabbled in such things. So as Bleidd tries to protect his kingdom, Terrill must strive to protect its king.

Other Side of Night: Havva & Amiri (novella) – The decadent Havva has reveled in her vampiric nature for centuries, seeking out pleasure in all its myriad forms. But when she meets her complement in the dark, taciturn Amiri, he shows her there is more to their existence than simple, mindless pleasure.

A short for the 22 Days of Yule at Storm Moon Press (not 100% sure what we will do for it, but something happy and fluffy).

A novella for the Boys on Film line at Storm Moon Press (also not 100% sure what we’ll do, but we both love the idea of a porn industry main character).

So, it’s going to be a busy year. K. and I are already hard at work with Stalemate, and I can’t WAIT to share the cover with everyone. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m crossing my fingers that we meet all our deadlines and have a productive year. 😀

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