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Sequels and Series: Have A Point!

February 27, 2012

OMG, the number of sequels! Just about every book I see now has a sequel. And usually? The sequel (or sequels, sometimes) are terrible. They don’t actually add anything to the original work. There’s a reason why most people believe sequels suck: they tend to.

The Keeper will eventually have a sequel, mainly because Hadi and Judas only received a happily for now ending. There’s also worldbuilding I’d like to explore as well as a new facet/depth of Judas when he has to face so many changes in his life after Hadi enters it.

But I think that’s the only book that we have a sequel planned for. Nothing else needs a sequel. What would I say in a sequel to Catalyst that could even begin to touch the depth that the first book did? Nothing. Kasper and Logan get married, have BDSM in their lives, get a dog, a cat, and Kasper goes back to school. There’s nothing more to tell of their story. Nothing more for Aric and Nikola from Rachmaninoff. They ride off into eternity, living and fucking and feeding. 🙂 Could I write books about them? Oh, of course. I love the characters I write and could spend endless pages telling their little, mundane stories. But are they fit to sell? To offer up to the public? No. Not at all.

If the book doesn’t further the story, there’s no reason for a sequel. Authors need to step away from their characters a little. Let their story be told, and then let them go.

Now, a series is very different, and I don’t count those. Series always intended more than one book, and thus, should be able to support the mini-arcs as well as the overreaching plot arc. The books in a series following the initial book aren’t so much sequels as a continuation of a larger plot (or they should be). K. Piet and I have a number of trilogies and series planned, and all have small plots that resolve within the book with a larger plot that resolves itself between the first and last books.

I’m all for series and sequels, so long as they say something. Endless character drama with mediocre sex scenes do NOT compelling reading make. Think before you decide to work on a sequel, and plot out your series so they make sense. 🙂 Everything written should have a point, serve a purpose, including sequels. This reader will thank you for it.

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