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“Mae” Teaser for Friday Fiction!

March 2, 2012

K. Piet and I are almost 25,000 words into a new novel entitled Mae. Originally, that wasn’t to be its title, but as we’ve sat on it for the last couple of weeks, it just fits. We’re not going to argue with that. 😀 It’s a novel about a seventeen-year-old single father doing everything he can for his infant daughter. When he isn’t even looking, the guy of his dreams walks into his life, but it isn’t all roses. In the end, Zach and Wil have to decide what’s most important to each of them and if they can walk the path of life together, or if they must part ways to achieve their life goals. It’s a really sweet piece that we’re head-over-heels for at the moment.

And, today, I’m going to share a small piece of it with you! I hope you guys like it!

“I know you’re not going to invite me in yet, but how do you feel about a kiss?” Wil murmured.

Zach’s pulse skyrocketed. Had Wil read his thoughts somehow? He did his best not to jump forward, not to make demands or make a fool of himself. He managed to lift his hand without it shaking, and his fingers combed through Wil’s blond hair. It was slightly damp with sweat, but he didn’t care. He gently pulled Wil forward, and the heat of the Florida evening seemed to double as craned his neck and whispered against Wil’s lips, “A kiss would be nice.”

It was such a lame invitation to his own ears, but he saw the pleased glint in Wil’s eyes and felt Wil’s lips curve up into a smile as they pressed against his. They were just as soft as Zach remembered, the press of them just as sweet as the first time. Wil’s lips caressed against his, and each movement just sent another thread of pleasure tingling down his spine. He could feel the thud of his heartbeat along every inch of his skin, and when Wil’s lips parted and he felt that first slick hint of tongue, he gasped, pulling back for a moment.

“I’m sorry,” Wil said quickly, though he stayed close instead of shying away. “Moving too fast?”

Zach shook his head, though the movement was small. He cheeks flushed with the heat of embarrassment, but he smiled as he said, “No. Let’s just try that last part again.” When he pulled Wil’s lips back to his, there was no resistance, just one of those soft, deep chuckles that traveled directly to Zach’s groin. The second kiss was a little more confident on his part, and when he felt that tiny swipe of Wil’s tongue again, he opened up, tilting his head a little more.

It was an invitation Wil seemed eager to take. Wil’s tongue slid past his teeth and teased along his in a way that made his toes curl in his shoes. Zach couldn’t stop a soft moan from escaping him, and as his head spun with the pleasure of the kiss, he had the vague sense of moving, shifting. He was so caught up that it felt like he was floating, but then Wil’s hand was at the junction of his neck and shoulder, the other cupping his hip, and he felt his shoulderblades press to the metal of his apartment door.

Being pinned even that small bit as Wil kissed him made him harden instantly in his jeans, and he put one hand back against the door to catch himself as his knees nearly gave out. What was Wil doing to him? It was like he was drowning in the heat of the night and the smooth taste of chocolate fondue that lingered on Wil’s lips and tongue. He might have done anything Wil wanted in that moment, but that was the instant Wil chose to gently pull back, leaving him panting and dazed and half certain he was going to faint.

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