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Creative Freedom

March 14, 2012

Non-con fiction wasn’t my thing. Let’s get that out right now. In my fanfiction roots, I was one of those who staunching said that non-con and dub-con were—flat-out—rape. Now, I still believe this in a real world setting. There is no such thing as dubious consent in the real world. Someone doesn’t say, ‘Yes, fuck me’, and someone fucks them, then that’s rape. Plain and simple.

However, I have learned that there are differences in the fictional world. I’ve learned not to be ashamed of my rape fantasies. I’ve learned that I am one among many, and I don’t feel like I need to explain myself or my fantasies anymore.

I hadn’t really done anything non-con or dub-con until I sat down last December and wrote Unwilling Compromise, starring a vampire named Seth and a werewolf named Talon. I fully intend to revisit their relationship and situation in a full length novel, but it was my first official foray in non-con fiction. I quickly followed that up with another short, Angel Lost, that dealt with non-con as well. I think I may revisit Jophiel and Llirr in the future.

Through those two stories, I realized I really liked non-con/dub-con. Even better, I liked setting up that forceful beginning between two characters, and then finding a way for them to still fall in love and be together. It’s the fantasy, after all, and I’m really digging this fantasy.

Not that I plan many of these sorts of stories. I want to explore them, yes, but they aren’t my biggest kink. Right now, I’m just trying a little bit of everything. I love not having to box myself in, that I can choose anything I want at any time I want. Right now, it’s single gay teen fathers and cross-dressing bisexuals, but tomorrow? Who knows. And I love that. I love the freedom and the chances and the creative fun I have as a writer.

Never giving this up.

And I’m definitely giving non-con a good try in a longer piece very soon. 😉

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