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10 Random Facts About Me

March 26, 2012

I thought, as something fun, I’d offer up ten random facts about me to those reading this blog or my fiction. I’m an odd duck, so be prepared.

– I haven’t fallen asleep naturally in over four or five years. I have chronic insomnia, and my doctor has me on a bit of a cocktail of meds so I fall asleep. If I don’t take the meds, I can stay awake three to five days before my poor body gives up and I pass out for about twenty-four hours. It also means that, because of the meds, I spend a few hours each morning very groggy as I try to shake myself out of it. Fatigue is a constant friend of mine, probably because the sleep isn’t natural.

– If I have a Big Mac from McDonalds, I eat it in sections. I eat the top and middle bun together as a sandwich with the Special Sauce. I then eat the bottom bun. Then, it’s the non-cheesy hamburger patty, and finally the cheesy hamburger patty. K. and the husband-thing tease me, and my mum has always referred to it as my ‘Big Mac autopsy’. I’ve been doing this since I was eight or nine.

– I sleep on my stomach. It’s the only way I sleep. On my back, I wind up with an odd numbness from my right hip down the outside of my right thigh. Very odd and uncomfortable. I’m also not a fan of sleeping on my side. My neck always aches when I wake up on my side.

– After about three months of marriage, the husband-thing and I decided we had to have separate blankets. XD I hog the blankets, and I thrash about and shift a lot in the night. The husband-thing, many times, would wake up on the edge of the bed without any blankets. Now, he is toasty warm, but he still wakes up on the edge of the bed.

– I met the husband-thing when I was sixteen. He asked me to marry him five weeks after our first phone conversation. We married three months before my eighteenth birthday. We’ve been together since (and I just turned thirty-two).

– I love watching shows like Snapped, Deadly Women, and Forensic Files. The husband-thing thinks, if I kill him, I’ll get away with it. XD I like watching such shows because the reasons these people commit these crimes seem so petty. Taking a life because they didn’t want a divorce? Really? Just divorce the guy, don’t kill him!

– I don’t fly. I haven’t flown since 2004, and even then, it was under duress. 🙂 Even if the stories of ick from people of size flying didn’t exist, the TSA terrifies me. I’m a survivor of rape, and the idea of having some strange person’s hands on my body—in the pathetic excuse of perceived safety—in a public venue sends me into a panic. Unless there is absolutely no other choice, I will not fly until the TSA goes away (which, I know, isn’t happening).

– I eat cake batter. I don’t mean lick the beaters and scraper, I mean… I put a cupcake’s worth into a bowl and munch on it while the cake bakes. XD I love cake batter. LOVE it. I’m so lucky K. loves it as much as I do. She shares my shame as we munch on our bowls of cake batter.

– I don’t tolerate liars. I have no respect for them. Personally, professionally, the best way to get on my shit list and remain there is to lie to me.

– When I indulge in a Butterfinger, I eat all the chocolate from the outside, and then throw away the inside. >.> There’s just something about that chocolate with the thinnest bit of that peanut butter crisp I love, but I can’t stand the actual crisp itself.

So, there you go. A random bit about me. 😀

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  1. March 26, 2012 12:47 pm

    I eat Butterfingers the same way.

  2. Carole-Ann permalink
    March 27, 2012 2:07 pm

    I sleep on my stomach too! It’s a relic from carrying my 3rd daughter – she was so ‘moveable’ from 4 months into the pregnancy that the only way I could keep her quiet (aka smother her) was to go prone!

    36 years later, I’m still there! 🙂

    *Hugs* on the rest – you’re not really all that odd 🙂

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