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Lucky 7 Meme

March 28, 2012

Nabbed this from Alex Beecroft on Sunday, and I thought I would use this as today’s blog entry. Always nice to share bits of what’s coming from me in the future! πŸ˜€


1. Go to page 77 (or 7th) of your current ms
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written. No cheating.
4. Tag 7 other authors. (I am not doing this – anyone who wants to do it can. Those who don’t want to don’t have to.)

Now, I have quite a number of projects I’m juggling, so I thought… what the hell. I’ll do this for each one, since they are active WIPs. πŸ˜€ I chose to snag seven lines, and if that didn’t neatly end with a paragraph, I just went to the end of the paragraph. πŸ™‚

Zach took the paper dumbly, and all he had time to read was the name at the top. “Wil.” No, that wasn’t a flush heating up his cheeks. It was just the heat of the Wal-Mart in September, despite the air conditioning. It wouldn’t get cool in Tampa until January, if they were lucky, and… He jolted back to reality. “Wil. I mean… I will. Call you, I mean.”

Stupid. So damn stupid. But Wil just smiled at him, so that was good. “Looking forward to it,” Wil said and, taking up his shopping bags, gave a little wave before heading for the sliding doors. He watched until the next customer raised her voice again, and he scrambled to start scanning, shoving the number into his back pocket. He mumbled an apology, even though he didn’t mean itβ€”keep the customer happy, Zachβ€”and the rest of his shift went by in a pleasant haze.


52 Weeks
It was him, not Rhys, not booze. It was all Aspen. It was him shoving back on those fingers with his face blazing red and sweaty. It was him with his cock rubbing against his crocheted dress, his ankles beginning to burn with the weight and position he was in while wearing three inch heels. It was all him, and he let his head fall forward with a resigned sob, his body burning with a need he didn’t completely understand.

“Shh,” Rhys breathed. “It will be so good, pretty boy, so good.”

Rhys’ voice, deep and trilling with that beautiful British accent, lulled Aspen into a state of relaxation, even as the tears trailed down his cheeks, smeared his mascara. It didn’t take long before he felt the latex-covered tip of Rhys’ cock nudge his hole. Here he was, about to take it up the ass for the first time, and he was dressed like a woman, bent over some stranger’s sofa, looking out at the New York City skyline. It was as surreal and arousing as it was demeaning.


An Angel’s Soul
Which led him to the unnerving question of why was he having such a difficult time of it now?

Cole leaned back on the couch, his eyes drooping and clouded from the alcohol. He picked up a framed photograph and stared at it for a long time before he threw it across the room. The glass shattered as it hit the hard wood of the bar. Cole didn’t bother with a glass at this point. He picked up the bottle and began to drink in earnest. Raziel wings fluttered again. This wasn’t right. It was Daniel who should be drinking, should be heartbroken, not Cole.

Daniel. He’d been the start of this whole mess. Sweet, mind-mannered Daniel who had stood beside Cole through their years at Dartmouth. Considerate Daniel who had loved Cole even when they barely had two pennies to scrape together. Daniel, who had been the ideal partner for Cole in every respect. Their families had adored each other, supported both Cole and Daniel. Everything had been theirs as Cole shot up the corporate ladder. Everything awaited them.


Jungle Law
He nodded, and Deshi stared at him before nearly bursting into what sounded like birdsong. Too many words all strung messily together in a quick tittering that nearly made Kaanan wish he hadn’t given away his secret. “Deshi… Deshi! Wait!”

The order instantly made Deshi quiet like he’d wanted, but the wounded look on Deshi’s face tugged at something in his chest, and he pet the boy’s hair, scratching lightly at his scalp. He held up another fig in apology, offering it to Deshi with a small smile. “Food. Kaanan home Deshi home.”

A smile graced Deshi’s lips. It seemed his message had gotten across. Deshi was welcome here. He wouldn’t let any harm come to Deshi while Deshi was under his protection. Deshi leaned into him as they resumed eating their figs, and he couldn’t help but smile when Deshi tried to rub against his shoulder like a cat might. Yes, there was intelligence in Deshi’s mind, even if some human habits needed to be relearned to respect the forest. A soft purr lilted from him, and he ate until his belly was full, promising himself that he would hunt that night for something more substantial.


Stalemate: Pawns I
“Goldenrod,” Ash barked. The Spears Captain spun around, and then bowed deeply. “You are dismissed, Captain.”

“Yes, my lord,” Goldenrod hastily replied, quickly exiting the room.

Ash stalked toward Whirlwind, an amused smile tugging at his lips. “You are awfully interested in my military, Whirlwind.”

Whirlwind set aside the spear he’d been examining and turned to face Ash with a proud tilt of his chin. “No other faerie estate utilizes spears and axes except the Red Caps. Are you as bloodthirsty as they?”


For the Love of a Master
My throat tightened, and my eyes stung as tears gathered. A member of the Human Rights Movement? My new master believed pets to be thinking, feeling creatures worthy of affection and respect? Even the mutts? I swallowed several times, and then bowed my head as I began to weep.

“You do understand,” Sir Jiat murmured, cradling me against his body. His large paw-like hand continued to pet up and down my back, and then his purr burst forth. No master had ever purred for me, and I clung to him. It was shameful and disrespectful, but I couldn’t help myself. I clung to him and wept as he purred and touched me. “You begin a new life today, Ewan,” he promised me. “A new life.”

There you go! A little taste of everything. πŸ˜€

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  1. April 1, 2012 4:14 pm

    ah finally got a chance to read these. really cool excerpts!! πŸ™‚

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