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April 5, 2012

The household is sick. I don’t mean a little under the weather, I mean full-out sick. K. brought it home with her from the Rainbow Book Fair, and within days, we were all sick. Fever, congestion, coughing like you wouldn’t believe, and fatigue. K. is almost over her bout of it, and the husband-thing is doing better, but I was the last to get sick, and I’m about three days behind everyone else. Add to it that I have the immune system of a cabbage, and I’ve not done much of anything since I got sick.

Almost no writing, no editing, no typesetting, no blogging, nothing. I barely have the oomph to occasionally post up on Twitter. Email’s a bit backed up, I think. The SMP site relaunch is behind. My ear has become sore and muffled. I’m trying to keep on top of the symptoms, doping up on DayQuil and NyQuil, but when I’m sick, I feel like doing very little.

This has put our stories for the Love Is Always Write event a bit behind. I’m going to try to add something to Jungle Law tonight. I know each story needs two sex scenes written, and maybe one or two scenes flanking them, so they’re over halfway done, it’s just hard to make my brain work.

It’s also been unbelievably hot here in Florida. It was hot in January, but now? Holy hell. Our electric bill was $300 this month from trying to cool the house. I finally bought blackout curtains for the master bedroom. It’s the hottest room in the house. I’m going to see if that helps things, and if it does, I’ll buy them for the rest of the house. Right now, we have a dark comforter tacked up over the window, and that’s helped quite a lot.

We’ve been mainlining Supernatual. Just about to finish season five. There are great moments, yes, but a lot of not-so-great moments. I miss it being about the supernatural. The angels/demons/God thing has gotten really old. I miss the ghosts and creepy creatures. Overall, though, we’re enjoying it.

So, yeah, that’s why there isn’t much in the way of blogging happening, and I’m really hoping to get back to writing… as soon as this flu bug thing finishes raking me over the coals.

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